Personal Training

Bella Diva Fitness is more than just fitness and working out. It’s a safe space for each bella diva to connect mind, body, soul, and nutrition.

What’s Included?

One-on-One Training

Laura coaches each diva 1 to 3 times per week. Before training you will meet, go over goals, and food. Most importantly, we always make sure you are compatible with the program before starting. This is an intimate, personal, life-changing relationship. Each package includes fitness training, how to eat for your goal, recipe ideas, body fat and measurements tracking as well as daily check-ins.

  • Personal Training
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Nutrition & Meal Planning
  • Monthly Training Plans
  • Women’s Groups & Events
  • Empowerment through Encouragement!

Full Training & Nutrition

 Laura works her magic by combining her personalized nutrition programs with a training and fitness program for the ultimate diva transformation!  

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One-on-One Training

Personal training and goal setting with Laura. Laura will assess your current plan, activity level and goals and together you will set out on your fitness journey together!


another success story 

Jena’s STory

“Thank you, Laura, for helping me once again transform back to my old self but this time fully arrive there and remain there. This has given me the confidence to face working again and to fully live again. I’m so happy, feel whole, wise and blessed! Thank you for being part of this journey for me!”

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