Personal Meal Planning

Since when is there a perfect way to eat? Isn’t there a way to balance having a life and being healthy? Good news!!  There is.

What’s Included?

Meal Planning & Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition is 85% of the equation when it comes to changing your body.

You can exercise all day everyday, but without the proper nutrients for your goal your body will not change. There isn’t a magic number or specific “diet” that you can just look up and make work. Every few months, a “new diet” comes along and a good majority of people who have been struggling to loose weight jumps aboard. Before they know it, it becomes a discouraging endless cycle and battle. Here is the secret, there is no such thing as a diet. Learn how to eat for your goals and body type and create a forever lifestyle change. This is how Laura teaches and trains all of her clients. The biggest and most important concept or habit is making time to prep meals and snacks. And yes…if you want it bad enough, just like anything else, you will make time!

  • Eating Plans
  • Nutrition Education
  • Custom Shopping Lists
  • Weekly / Monthly Recipes
  • Custom Calculations
  • Meal Planning & Tracking
  • Kitchen Clean Ups
  • Grocery Shopping Trips
  • Eating Out Ideas
  • ​Attainable Goal Setting

Full Training & Nutrition

 Laura works her magic by combining her personalized nutrition programs with a training and fitness program for the ultimate diva transformation!  

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Nutrition Counseling

If you’re interested in re-energizing your eating, learning about nutrition and having a custom plan, recipes and guidance, this is for you. Sessions include food planning, calculating how many calories, protein, carbs and fats are needed on a daily basis, making a food plan that is attainable and changeable, creating recipes and snack ideas that taste amazing and are easy to make and daily accountability.

starts at $100

Kitchen Clean-up & Grocery Trip

Let Laura come to you and get your kitchen prime for healthy eating. This includes a trip to Trader Joes or Publix to start re-training your shopping habits too!

starts at $100
*groceries not included

another success story 

Rosanny’s Story

“Laura is not only a trainer, but an amazing person with a great heart and a very special friend. I have to say that she has changed my life in so many ways and that I am thankful for her friendship. Her energy and passion for fitness, nutrition and in helping others allowed me to see and learn the importance of dedicating the time and commitment to change my lifestyle. Including doing the things that makes me feel good and love myself first so I can support those who I love.”

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