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Laura specializes in educating and inspiring women to feel fit, healthy and sexy for life. Her focus on weight loss, gaining strength, nutrition and meal planning and overall confidence helps her to enhance life “beyond the barbell” for her clients. It’s time to begin your fitness journey!

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Ways to Train

One-on-One Personal Training

Laura coaches each diva 1 to 3 times per week. Before training you will meet, go over goals, and food.

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Group Training Classes

Get your sweat on with Bella Diva Group Fitness classes. Join Laura along with a small group of other divas for weekly group fitness.

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Bella Diva Workout Decks

Workout anywhere & anytime with these decks of workout cards that will strengthen your body & get your heart pumping. 

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One-on-One Meal Planning & Nutrition Guideance

Laura works with each diva one-on-one to help establish good eating and food shopping habits.

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Group Cooking Classes

Since when is there a perfect way to eat? Join the  diva squad for laughter, fun (and wine) with recipes you’ll actually want to cook!

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Diva On-Demand

Comming soon! An online Bella Diva Fitness program to help divas estabilish and maintain their fitness and nutrition goals.

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another success story


“Laura asked me to write a few sentences about she and I. A few sentences!? I could write pages about this amazing woman and the journey we have shared.

I have known Laura since she was 28, not that we knew each other well, but a bond was born through our Maryland roots and our passion for the Ravens! She was my massage therapist for many years and we shared some of our stories, but not until I had back problems did I start training with her and then going through my divorce did I really start to get to know her and let me say it has been life changing not only physical. I can’t say enough about how special Laura is and the bond that she has created for so many of us! . . .”

this is real diva life

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