"I met Laura almost 3 years ago when I was looking for something new and different.  I thought Cross Fit was going to be my new poison.....ha!  Thank goodness Laura came into my life or I would have ended up with more serious injuries than I was already dealing with.  Not only is Laura an awesome trainer, she is a caring, loving, individual who cares about the whole you.  Laura always puts you first regardless of what may be going  on in her personal life.  She knows how to work around serious injuries and yet give you a butt kicking in every session.  I learned so much about my physical body, realized I wasn't 40 years old.  An important factor is not just strength and cardio, it is about eating healthy and clean, something I thought I was doing.  We have come a long way together and look forward to many more year to come."


"Working out with Laura has completely changed my view of my body and what it's capable of! Becoming more physically strong has also provided me with mental strength, balance and stability throughout every other aspect of my life. Not only do I look better, I feel healthier inside and out and have more confidence.  I look forward to working out with Laura and the Divas because we have so much fun gabbing and giggling whether we're doing burpees, lifting, squatting or jumping..it's also the best stress relief in the world! My lifestyle is forever changed, as well as my self-image. I am so proud to be strong, sexy and Diva-fied!"


"Words cannot describe how amazing my trainer/friend Laura has been since the beginning!  She is such a great listener and even better motivator.  She will push your limits past the point of when your body is ready to give up.  “ITs all in your head”  Listen to your body and it will talk to you she says!!!  Laura has helped me along the way of my 5 year fitness journey on and off.  Honestly, ever time I come back to her, i wonder why I ever stopped.  She believes in me when sometimes I dont even believe in myself.  Thank you!  Love you to pieces!"


"I have a love hate relationship with exercise. I hate the idea of working out but love how good it makes me feel. Laura has been able to keep me coming back for two and a half years, she has worked with me through melanoma surgery to my back and hand and all through this time she has kept me engaged. I am now at 55 the strongest I have ever been."


"Laura DalSanto’s enthusiasm and true passion for fitness have inspired me to be my best self every day.Through daily ongoing conversations on food choices  to every topic we as women, friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives,girlfriends, need counseling on, Laura is there with answers that are profound and lasting.  I have learned how to train my body and  my mind to be a true Bella Diva! I have recommended Bella Diva Fitness to every one of my friends and will continue to do so. I am very impressed with my results and have had an amazing experience."


"Laura did something I never thought possible. I am NOT a girly girl and would never imagine myself prior to meeting Laura on a stage in a bikini. NOW, I am days away from my first show and I have never felt so powerful. Yes there are days when I can’t believe I am doing this and just want to quit. But that is when Laura comes in and reminds me what all of this work is about to help me accomplish. I am a life coach and always tell people to step outside their comfort zone so it was about time I stepped out of mine! Thank you Laura!​"