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July is almost gone!  Holy Moly! I will be in Durango, Colorado adventuring out on a dude ranch while you read this.  Ye- Haw!  I will blog about this next diva destination for sure.
You know you have been asked or asked someone before…Do you like or crave more sweet foods or salty?  Or maybe both?!
Me? I used to never eat anything that was salty or had salt in it, which was the worse thing i could have every done to my body, because we need sodium to replenish the electrolytes we sweat out. Lemme tell ya….I have done A LOT of sweating over the years and did some damage.
NOW: I crave salt.  Now that I live with Addissons Disease, a very rare auto-immune disease, my body looses salt much faster so I need and crave it a lot.
The best salts: Pink Salt or Sea Salt
The most common food question I get asked by my fit divas….What snacks can I have? How can I satisfy my sweet tooth? Or salt craving without feeling like a puff-ball or add too much sugar daily?
It is possible and it is a MUST to listen to your body.  Now, im not saying if your craving something sweet you eat cake and donuts everyday.  I mean you can but you wouldn’t be happy. Lol and your body wouldnt be either!

Helpful Resource

One way I get ideas for convenient healthy snacks is through Hungry Girl.  You must get her emails. She sends awesome ideas out a few times a week. Hungry-Girl.com

Something Sweet

There are hundreds of fun combos.  Here are a few top go to sweet snacks that will not wreak havoc on your hard-working fit diva routine.  Simple to make, satisfying because they have both carb and protein or carb and good fat and taste diva-lish.

Diva-licious Recipe

Combo Snacker

You want to try to make snacks or mini meals as a combo. Meaning, don’t just have fruit (simple carb) alone.
Ex:   A good fat plus carb = Peanut butter + Apple or  protein plus good fat = Smoked Salmon + Avocado.  It helps keeps you fuller longer and that’s a plus always.
*The following combos are around 150 calories each

  • I love these super thin rice cakes for many reasons.  Taste, very low-calorie, you can have 2 so it feels like your eating more but still only having 50 calories. And….you can pretty much put anything on them.
Found at Whole Foods
Combos for toppings
  • Guacamole & pineapple salsa or peach salsa
  • Kitehill cream cheese (almond milk cream cheese) & slices of fresh strawberries or jam or pineapple salsa
  • Almond or cashew butter or your Favorite Nut Butter…Mine: Betsy’s Best Peanut Butter Cinnamon, Chia Seed.  OMG WARNING…it taste soooooooo darn good. haha, you MUST have portion control. Add sliced strawberries on top


  • Frozen banana rounds frosted with almond or your fav nut butter and mini dark chocolate chips.  4-5 slices.  Try to only use a tablespoon total (7-8g fat)
  • I’ll slice up 1-2 bananas and keep frozen in tin foil and pull them out when I want the something sweet at night.


  • ½ cup plain non fat greek yogurt plus a lower sugar granola with a drizzle of honey
2 of my favorite low sugar options!


Diva-licious Recipe

Salt Craving

Ok, I mentioned above we need salt, but not in the from of potato chips.  Too much proccessed sodium and lets not forget all the fat.   There are SO many fun crackers & sweet potato or Quinoa chips that are so much healthier, lower fat and just enough salt to take the craving away. Take your time, the next time you grocery store and check out all the new bags of ideas.  Read your nutrtion label and be sure to also focus on that serving size!!

Salty Mini Meals

  • Sliced cucumber spears wrapped in a no nitrate roasted turkey deli slice dipped in hummus or a fun flavored mustard.  Its fun to buy the baby persian cukes and slice them like pickle spears.

*Side note….you can even just slice up the cucumbers and sprinkle with pink salt and maybe trader joes everything but the bagel seasoning.  Light and Super refreshing.

  •  Egg salad with small rice crackers  2 hard-boiled eggs. 1 whole 1 white, dollop of greek yogurt, spicy mustard, dill relish, pink salt and pepper.  YUM Favorite rice crackers are from Trader Joe. They have a salty taste but are very low on sodium AND you can have 40 of these little bites in a serving size


  • Smoked salmon on cucumber slices, sprinkle with dill.   If you want a little something extra, layer the top of the cucumber with the Kitehill almond cream cheese. Then top with salmon and dill.  SO Good!!!
    A few extra salty snacks to buy, eat and go:
  • Chicken or Turkey Jerky.  There are so many organic, no nitrate, more natural versions available.  My latest 2 favs:


  • Pickles.  Yep, most grocery stores now carry little bags of sliced flavored pickle chips


Diva-Licious Conclusion

Whether it is Sweet or Salt your craving..it is possible to enjoy and fulfill that craving.
Try not to start your day with high sugar foods, because that will make your mind crave more all day.  If you have the extra salt, be sure to drink extra water to keep the extra sodium moving along.
Read your labels and get creative!!  For more ideas, ASK
Stay tuned for the next Simply Diva-licious recipes and ideas in August.
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