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More then 1/2 way through February.  CRAZZZYYYY! Im sure those of you who don’t live here in SWFL are ready for the month to end so you get closer to the nicer weather.  However, not bragging ;), It is paradise right now. In fact as I type up this blog post, I am outside with the sun shining and 75′

Okay Okay, onto to today’s Simply Diva-licious blog post on Salmon.

One Sheet Wonder

Last year I did this awesome blog post, all about how easy and healthy it is to through your entire dinner, or most of it, onto a baking sheet and BAM…bake all at once. If you don’t remember or didn’t follow last year, scroll through my old posts and look for One Sheet Wonders.

A few weeks ago, while flipping through a Sur La Tab catalog, I became inspired to do a new one sheet wonder with Salmon.  I also forgot how easy it is to use this type of cooking method.  I must do it more often. Salmon, Bok Choy, Mixed Mushrooms & Sweet Peppers

Before we get to this yummy new combo, I want to talk a little about Bok Choy.

Bok Choy & Calcium

“Bok choy, pak choi or Chinese white cabbage, belongs to the cruciferous family of vegetables. First cultivated in China thousands of years ago, it is now available all over the world.”
Did you know Bok Choy has 160 mg of calcium per cooked cup? Thats amazing.  So many women and men need much more calcium in their daily food intake. Its best to use food sources as much as you can for calcium rather than supplements.
I have osteopenia and some osteoporosis already at almost 40.  So I try to use book choy 1-2 x per week.  Sauté  it up in some olive oil and lemon and garlic….YUM!

Also, Bok choy contains folate. Folate plays a role in the production and repair of DNA, so it might prevent cancer cells from forming due to mutations in the DNA.

Bok choy also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. These nutrients have powerful antioxidant properties that help protect cells against damage by free radicals.


Sweet Salmon Sensation

  • 1 lbs fresh salmon
  • 1 large bundle of bok choy
  • 8 oz of mixed mushrooms or just Portobello mushrooms
  • 3-4 baby sweet peppers
  • 1/8 cup sweet chili sauce (I like TJ’s because its low in sugar)
  • garlic, sea salt, pepper

*SIDE DISH: mashed butter nut squash, Parmesan & sea salt

  • Pre-heat oven 400′
  • Slice Salmon into 1 inch strips and lightly brush a layer of TJ sweet chili sauce. Set aside.
  • Also, place your butternut squash in the microwave after poking holes for 7-8 minutes. Time depends on size. Cook until a fork can easily slice through. Set aside to cool.
  • Then cut off the bottom of the bok choy and slice either direction. Slice up sweet peppers and mushrooms. (I bought mushrooms pre-sliced for time).  Place all veggies in a bowl.  Add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and balsamic along with spices.  Toss all together to coat each veggie.
  • Line a baking sheet with foil.  Place veggies on sheet leaving room for the salmon to sit in the middle.
  • Place salmon in the center of the sheet. I also drizzled a very little amount of balsamic glaze on top of the salmon.
  • About 10 minutes or check when your salmon starts to flake.
  • While baking your one sheet wonder,  peel and mash your cooked butternut squash. Lightly sprinkle Parmesan if you wish.  It is super yummy!


Once everything is finished and ready to go….well, you know this part…Buon Appetito


Keep it Simple

Remember, keep it simple, keep it healthy and mostly keep adding new habits into your routine.  Any questions, ASK!

Have the best new week ahead and Happy Tasty Tuesday Diva-licious style!

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