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Hello & Happy Saturday Bella Divas

A VERY important topic we need to discus…AGAIN…is the importance of fueling your body and brain at the start of each new day!  It has been coming up a lot this past week with some of my clients.  Doesn’t matter what age, both my teens and adults.

As much as we read this topic in every fitness magazine or nutrition book or even poster signs, I still get 70% of my clients that still don’t eat breakfast, even though they know it’s horrible not to!   WHY?  The most common response “I do not have time”  Yeah, OK!  The second, “Im just not hungry”.

I get it!  Most mornings go into rush mode of multitasking.  Kids lunches, last minute assignments,  getting ready for work, taking care of pets…then, its grab the keys and GO.

First of all, you DO have time!  We all have time.  Its how we manage time.

Second, if you make breakfast a habit, you will be hungry or maybe it’s an indication you are eating too late at night.  Which isn’t good!     It doesn’t have to be a Grand breakfast but at least a good combo of protein and carbs to jumpstart your metabolism and brain.
Creating new habits are really easier than you think.  It takes a little trial & error but you will find what clicks and makes you stick to it!  Think of all the other habits you already have.
Besides, if you focus on jump starting that body you are working so hard on…. That’s motivation in itself.

Lets go over a few quick ideas that can be made in advance or only takes 4-5 minutes to make.

Make Ahead Options

One easy option is making mini egg cups in a muffin tin holder.  You can make 12 at a time, bake them on a Sunday evening and have grab and go meals every morning.  Take 2 egg cups, small apple…perfect!!!! (or any small fruit).  There are so many easy recipes if you look them up on Pinterest.

Egg Cups: One of my favorite combos:
  • Chop up: onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, jalapeno (you can do any veggies)
  • Crumbled goat cheese or part skim shredded mozzarella
  • 6 eggs & 4 whites to 12 muffin holders

Rise and Dine

Spray your muffin tins (silicon works best) with olive oil.  Place a small portion of your mixed veggies and cheese in each tin.   Beat all the eggs together and add spices if you would like. (salt, pepper, garlic..anything)  Pour eggs into each tin, trying to make them all even.
Bake at 350’  15-20 minutes.

I have some of my Divas make them for their kids.  It’s a great healthy snack option and sneaks in extra protein.   Most kids do  not like veggies so we did one with: Turkey deli meat, cheddar cheese and then the eggs.

Another option:

Pre-make Protein Pancakes and store in your refrigerator.  It is the perfect ratio of protein & Carbs.

protein pancake on the job!

It also feels like you’re having a sweet treat when it’s really just oats and protein powder.  SO delicious.

5 Minutes or less Breakfast ideas

Sprouted grain bread  (toast in toaster)  Then either have it  with a ½ mashed avocado, sea salt and pepper   OR 1 tablespoon of your favorite nut butter. (almond, peanut, cashew)   I like the sprouted bread because each slice has 5-6 g of protein, which we tend to lack for breakfast.  Then…..add either:

Rise and Dine
Turkey bacon.    Wrap a slice in a paper towel, cook 1-2 minutes in microwave

best turkey bacon EVER!  Trader Joe

OR 2 hard-boiled egg whites.  You can find safe cage free eggs already boiled in most deli sections these days.

Perfect combo of your protein, carb and fat to start the day!

These are just a few that take no time AT ALL!!!

Making Breakfast a Healthy Habit

Make breakfast a healthy habit

I promise, once you get into your new habit, you will fire up that metabolism, have more energy for you jam-packed day and also think more clear!  Give it a Try.  WHY NOT!?!

Get Creative & Have Fun Fit Bella Divas!

Questions??  email or message me:)  xoxo

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