Helloooooo Bella Diva

Guess What? Yep, this fit diva is married! Wu-hooooooooooooo
Laura DalSanto Wu. I never had a middle name, odd I know, but I do NOW!!!

New Chapter with Married Life

So many wonderful adventures are underway this year of change.  That is what I am calling 2019. The year of CHANGE!  Not only did I marry the man of my dreams, Ernie, but lots of new change with bella diva fitness.  In fact this blog is being written on my new website. This has been a 5-6 month project with the best company ever.  Jumpanzee.  Love you Elle. I am beyond thrilled!  Technology really isn’t my favorite, haha, but I am SO excited to be able to NOW help Bella Divas from afar. To be able to connect, motivate, encourage and spark new ideas to women of all ages from all over the world and not just sunny Naples, Florida.

married life

I will be blogging MORE frequently, vlogging, (which I would rather do because I love speaking), youtubing, newsletters and soon online memberships. Oh, and the NEW Bella Diva Fit APP is almost complete.  WOW!

If you live in Naples, keep an eye out for the next Diva-licious cooking classes as well as pop up free group classes this summer.

If you know anyone else who would love to get free recipes and fit tips, please tell them to check out:

Belladivafitness.com and leave their info.  Please!!!

Honeymoon Time

This Saturday, tomorrow, I leave for my dream destination vacation, Tahiti. Oh my gosh! I have ALWAYS wanted to stay in those glass bottom little bungalows.  I am going to have to pinch myself several times.

So stay tuned in a few weeks for me to get back & blogging again.  This summer will be filled with lots of new recipes, workouts and just some motivational fit diva tips.

Okay, It would not be a Bella Diva blog if I didn’t talk about FOOD.

Diva-licious Recipe

Most of you know I am obsessed with kite hill almond milk cream cheese and everything but the bagel seasoning form Trader Joe.

Creamy Crunchy Bites

  • 2 tablespoons of plain (or if you like spice) jalapeños flavored kite hill cream cheese
  • Everything but the bagel season
  • Small rice crackers ( I use Trader Joes) you can have like 20 for only 10 carbs!!!

EASY!!  Spread cheese on crackers and sprinkle.  Crunchy, Creamy and salty without the bloat!


Enjoy these tasty little bites and if you make them, let me know!

Happy almost summer and I will be back soon

Bon Voyage

Bella Diva


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