The first Diva-licious night of 2017

Every other month I will continue to host a live presentation on how to create the foods you love BUT make them super healthy and apart of your health & fitness goals.  Each one will have a different theme. However there will always be lotsa new food to enjoy, wine, ideas and most importantly lots of laughter with a group of alike minded women/bella divas who need and want that girls night out!

This past Friday 1/20 our theme was:

Dare to Prepare

What is the hardest part of trying to establish or even maintain a healthy, fit, balanced, sexy lifestyle???? FOOD! Well…probably our state of mind but that’s a much deeper subject! Lol
Even though there are many more healthy options available on the go, it is still the hardest part of the equation. What IS truly healthy? If it says… “low fat” or my fav..”gluten free” hahaha or “low carb” or diet….OMG our brains go gaga. Think back to the basics….
Calories in…calories out. AND.. Would this be healthy for my body? AND balance!

  • How to choose the right condiments
  • Cauliflower Tots
  • Making lean ground turkey taste amazing!!
  • Going Greek….yogurt that is!
Sweet potato nachos
Italian Ground Turkey
Teaching and making buffalo spaghetti squash

For full recipes… inquire about the next diva night and continue to follow my blog!  They will be posted!   Cheers to the next Diva-licious night!!!!


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