Beans, Beans Good for your Heart!

What…The….Sounds gross! Right?!  Don’t turn your nose up to the idea too quick, especially if you have a sweet tooth and LOVE chocolate.   Eating and living healthy shouldn’t be something us picky divas roll our eyes to or ever feel like we are restricted.  It’s all about finding new ways to keep us on track 90% of the time.  A real decadent dessert is a must from time to time!!

Why Black Beans?

Asian recipes often call for beans in desserts, but whoever discovered and started using black beans in classic american desserts was pretty darn creative.  The secret is to blend the beans beforehand by putting a 14-ounce can of salt-free black beans, partially drained, in a blender or food processor first. Then add the mash directly to the mix, replacing about 75% of the fat in a recipe. You can also try a mixture of black bean puree and yogurt for a complete oil or butter replacement.  Kinda cool!!!

just a few brands, there are many! Be sure to grab the no salt added. Big difference.

Can I Taste the Beans?

The plant fiber found in beans will actually improve the texture of low-fat baked goods for a diva-liciously dense, fudgy brownie without a hint of bean flavor.  I promise!  The other major health benefit is the dietary fiber in black beans. They give each brownie more staying power in your stomach and slows the rush of sugar to your bloodstream.  Now this doesn’t mean to eat half the batch in one serving!  Haha   Always, always keep that portion in control.

Mint black bean mini brownies
Double fudge! Recipe below


Diva-licious Recipe

Are you ready to give it a go and cheat yourself thin?  This recipe was created last summer for one of my Diva-licious cooking gatherings.  I believe it was the biggest hit! Hope  you enjoy them as much as we did!

Good Luck and Enjoy this super awesome alternative to replace a high fat, high sugar treat!  It’s now Diva Approved!!!!   Questions or need more ideas?  Contact me:  Laura
Ciao Divas xoxox

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