Leg & Booty Bella Diva Workout Cards


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Target your lower body with moves that will tone, tighten and define your legs and booty.  This new deck will be available soon!

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Are you ready to get diva-fied & strengthen your legs and booty and get your heart rate beating into the fat torching zone? Strength and cardio, here we come! The following moves are some of my signature exercises that have an extra special twist to them to keep your muscles guessing and your mind is never bored.

There are 2 exercises days that have 18 exercises each.

  • A day: Inner thighs, hamstrings, quads and booty
  • B day: Outer thighs, hamstrings and booty

Just like personal training sessions.

Download the Free App called Bella Diva Fit for all the exercises. Or you can purchase the decks as an App so they are always with you! Literally endless workout combinations anytime.

Happy Sweating!


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