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I’m Laura, and my mission is to empower women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to feel beautiful, confident, and healthy. At Bella Diva Fitness, we focus on making healthy living a habit, not a chore.


Easy Peasy Oatmeal Bake

Happy March Bella Diva, Wowza, MARCH already!!! Spring is close which will be amazing for those of you not here in SWFL.  This is the time of year I love though!  Minus the extra traffic and crazy drivers.  haha It is also a month I like to clean.  I know I know,...

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Sweet Salmon Sensation

Hello Bella Diva More then 1/2 way through February.  CRAZZZYYYY! Im sure those of you who don't live here in SWFL are ready for the month to end so you get closer to the nicer weather.  However, not bragging ;), It is paradise right now. In fact as I type up this...

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Fun with Frozen Cauliflower Rice

Happy Chilly Tuesday Fit Diva YES! Even here in SWFL it has been brrrrrrr chilly. 48' this morning. I know I know those of you who do not live here and are freezing at 2' are probably laughing at me.  Hey, I grew up in the cold and snow in Maryland but now....My body...

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Cauliflower Pizza Perfection

Hello Bella Diva How is 2019 going so far? Other than flying by, I am deep into new projects that have been on the radar for years with my business! Bella Diva Fitness Woo Hoooo! Very Excited and nervous all at the same time!  However, if it doesn't scare you a little...

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Nuts Around the Holidays?

Happy Tuesday Bella Diva Hopefully by now you have surrendered to the stress and said...it is what it is!  If you haven't yet....Well do it now. Trust me, this advice took me 39 years to understand.  In fact, when I start to get my panties in a bunch, freak out, feel...

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Holiday Gains? Not this Fit Diva

Hello Bella Diva Its been a Hot a Minute since my last blog.  I apologize!!  This time of year gets extra crazy with events and deadlines and...just life. Who else gets overwhelmed this time of year? Sooooooo I have learned to put things in order of priority much...

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Laura is not just a trainer, she is a great person and you can’t help having a connection with her not only when training but in a personal level. She has inspired me to be the best and try new workouts when I though I couldn’t do them. 

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Married Life Wu Hoo

Helloooooo Bella Diva Guess What? Yep, this fit diva is married! Wu-hooooooooooooo Laura DalSanto Wu. I never had a middle name, odd I know, but I do NOW!!! New Chapter with Married Life So many wonderful adventures are underway this year of change.  That is what I am...

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Rosanny’s Success Story

I met Laura over a year ago and felt that we had a great connection . She is not only a trainer, but an amazing person with a great heart and a very special friend. I have to say that she has changed my life in so many ways and that I am thankful for her friendship....

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Bella Booty Bridal CHALLENGE

Fit Diva Wedding Happy Friday Bella Diva I am usually giving you some sort of food idea or recipe on here, but I decided to extend out this challenge I started yesterday.  I am having a much larger group of ladies join then I expected and I am so excited that there...

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