Eating to Recover Post Workout

“You don’t build your body in the gym, It’s the Food you consume after the Workout”

Hello & Happy Motivation Monday Fit Divas

A common question or misunderstood topic I still get asked a lot….”What should I eat after I workout?”   Some of us still do not refuel after an intense workout and your only causing your body to eat away more of your muscle and gain fat. OMG!!!  Who wants that??? You MUST refuel that sexy hard working body within 30 minutes after your workout.  Your blood is circulating very well in this time frame which is better for nutrition absorption.  This will also help to avoid binge eating later!!!  You know, that after dinner “Im still starving” feeling!!!!

What to eat post workout:

I Want to put out here FIRST….Protein n Shakes DO NOT have to be consumed just because you did a killer workout!!   Especially if you are about to eat a meal!  Shakes are not magic weight loss drinks!!!  For some reason we have been told over the years…hurry and have a shake post workout. Yes, you must refuel as soon as you can but you don’t need to have that extra meal.  Women who are trying to loose weight and burn fat need to think of the total amount of calories that the body intakes ALL day.  If you are looking to gain, then be my guest!  Load your body up with the extra protein and carbs.   Now if its your meal & its made properly…go for it.  My point I guess Im trying to make is…dont assume this is a MUST.  Shakes are great for on the go meals, snacks and post workout recovery, but dont drink it as an extra extra meal!  And DONT load them with tons of fruits, yogurts, honey..ect.  That sugar adds up along with the calories and now you just consumed more then you burned off!  What to put in your shake is below!

Try to make it in that 30-40 minute time frame.  I can’t emphasize this enough!!  If your workout happens to finish right before lunch or dinner, Great!  You will want a 350-450 calories meal that is 50/50 protein and carbohydrate.  What the heck does this mean???

Meaning: a serving of chicken (your protein) 4oz + 1 small sweet potato (carb)..then you can spice it up with some salsa, a dollop of non fat greek yogurt, add a side of roasted veggies or small salad with a little good fat (ex: ½ avocado or 1 oz of cheese) top with a light dressing.

Meal & Snack Ideas

Other Meal Combos: your serving size may vary depending on your goal and current body fat & weight

  • 1 whole egg, 3 whites, 1 piece of sprouted bread (i use trader Joe) & a few strawberries  Saute eggs up with some greens, peppers and top with a little low sugar ketchup
    • Eggs=protein   Toast + Berries=carb
  • Lean Ground Turkey 4 oz mixed with ½ cup rice or quinoa   Add some sauted peppers, veggies and your fav condiment.
    • Turkey=protein +Rice =carb
  • Shake  =  1 scoop of protein powder (20-25 g), 1 serving of fruit like 1/2 cup berries=carb  water or unsweetened almond milk, ice and if you want to add 1 tablespoon of nut butter or chia seeds for some good fat.   Blend and Go!
  • WRAPS:  Find a tortilla wrap that is 25-30g of carbs per wrap and try to keep the sodium lower than 350mg.  *read labels* start making that a habit;)    Now add your protein of choice: sliced chicken breast, non nitrate deli turkey or roast beef, canned tuna.  Add some veggies: tomato, onions, sprouts…layer a thin layer of a low fat condiment: hummus, greek yogurt & hot sauce, flavored mustard.   GET CREATIVE!
trader joe tortilla (16g C) Ckn breasts, a tbsp hummus
what to eat after a workout
1 whole egg, 2 egg whites (18 g P), 1/4 avocado(3.5g F) ezekiel muffin(24gc) hot sauce:)

Here’s the deal…..READ your labels to be more aware of how many grams and calories are really in your food!  Watch the sugars!!!  IT sneaks up on ya!
If your workout is between meals, you still need a 50/50 split between protein + carb, it will just be a smaller meal or “snack” around 15-20 grams of each.

Examples of post workout refuel mini meals:

  • Simple: 1 scoop of protein powder (again read lable..should be around 20-25g protein) + ½ cup mixed berries or banana.  Mix with water and ice….leave the good fat out.
  • ½ cup low fat cottage cheese + ½ cup berries
  • 2 egg whites with greens, peppers + 1 slice of turkey bacon + 1 slice of toast
  • Hard boiled eggs (1 whole 1-2 white) salt, pepper + 1 small apple  *you can also make egg salad by adding a spoonful of non fat plain greek yogurt, mustard and dill on a mini wrap
  • 2-3 slices of turkey deli meat + a serving of rice crackers and hummus
  • 1 serving of your own homemade protein pancake or bar (SEE other Blog for my recipe;)

what to eat after a workout


I could go on and on!!

There are so many ideas on pinterest or online.  The bottom line in this blog….EAT after your intense workout.  You will not loose more weight by eating less.  I promise!!!  In the long run, you will lower your metabolism and gain even more when you stop working out for a few days.
Now go kick your bootys all week & refuel that hard working body the way you should!

Ciao Bellas  xoxo

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