What the funk is the white “stuff” that leaks out of my ground turkey meat balls???

Ever notice when baking, grilling or even sautéing lean ground turkey or beef there can be a whitish gooey substance that appears?  At first you’re like what the heck is that? Is my meat bad? Nope! Not at all.

So, my sister (we live is different states) and I talk and FaceTime often, truly my best friend, about anything and everything. She knows I am the healthy recipe makeover queen and asks for advice when she gets on her “Im eating healthier this week” kick. Last night she is calling like crazy and when I finally can answer… I get “Where have you been? It’s a cooking crisis!” haha. She shows me the mini salsa turkey meatballs and freaks out about the white stuff oozing out of them!!!!   Made me laugh so hard. IF your not used to cooking with lean meats I guess it would freak me out to see this too!

It was an awesome question and made me realize, I’m sure a bunch of divas have had the same question!

This scum is made from proteins. Meat contains muscle fibers (the proteins actin and myosin) as well as some loose proteins swimming in the fluids within the meat (the cell plasma). When you cook meat, the protein-rich fluids are expelled (that’s why overcooking makes meat dry). Under hot temperature, the proteins in the fluid coagulate, making it firm. It is especially noticeable in your burger, because there is more liquid flowing out quickly from your cut-up meat, but it also happens with whole pieces of meat, but more slowly.

Simply just scrape it off and try to discard it. There isn’t anything wrong with your dinner:) For some fun new Diva-licious recipes with Ground Turkey check out my recipe section or message me!!!!

Bon appetite!

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