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Happy Thirsty Thursday and Happy almost weekend!  Who has started the season of going to events and parties or entertaining?  This Diva has and it will continue on until 2019 ends.

At my last Diva-licious cooking class I served a hydrating skinny watermelon cocktail that EVERYONE loved.  When I posted a picture of this beautiful drink last week, I had so many contact me to ask how the heck do you make that??

Well, here it is, along with 2 other easy low sugar, hydrating cocktails. I mean if your going to enjoy a cocktail or 2, you might as well try to hydrate while you consume them. The killer combo of a low sugar, hydrating cocktail will almost guarantee NO hangover headaches.  As long as you don’t have too many! Also, keep in mind alcohol calories are not burned off the same as your other macros, so be mindful and indulge where you really WANT to.


You have read many times, if you are going to have a drink or 2 or 3…lets be real when It’s party, try to chug water in between to stay hydrated.

Now, you can hydrate while consuming your adult beverage.

In the recipes below, I used fresh pressed watermelon juice & sparkling coconut water.

Both have a high percentage of water naturally and both are super low in sugar. I found both the watermelon juice and coco vita sparkling water at Whole Foods. The amount of watermelon juice you will need in your recipe is only about 3g of sugar.  The sparkling coconut water by Vita Coco has about 4 g.  Pretty darn good! Tequila per oz has about 75 calories and no sugar.  GREAT!

Enjoy the following Diva-licious skinny cocktails and maybe get creative on your own!

Next Diva-licious Cooking Class will be in Jan 2020

Diva-Licious Recipe

Watermelon Tequila Wonderfulness

**If you cannot find the watermelon waterloo brand sparking water, substitute club soda

Serving Size: 1


  • 1.5 oz of tequila
  • 1/3 can of watermelon waterloo sparkling water (whole foods)
  • 2-3 oz of fresh pressed watermelon juice
  • 3-4 squeezed lime wedges (or use a splash of organic fresh lime juice)
  • 2-3 leaves of mint & basil
  • 2 pieces of frozen watermelon


Freeze watermelon chunks in the morning or night before

1.Shake tequila, watermelon juice and lime juice with ice for about 5-8 seconds

2.Pour mix over a few more ice cubes and watermelon chunks. Add mint and basil. Pour enough watermelon sparkling water til fill to the top and add another lime wedge if wanted. (I like mine more tart then sweet.

Enjoy and savor each sip! Take a peak under my small bites section for a diva-licious app to go with your cocktails! http://belladivafitness.com

**If you want a short cut diva “quickie” version: Pour tequila & watermelon juice into your glass, stir well. Add ice and sparking water.

Diva-Licious Recipe

This fun mix is more of an idea then a recipe. You can mix and match different fruits or herbs. Use vodka or tequila.  I wanted to introduce this sparkling coconut water as a mixer! My favorite flavor is the raspberry lime

I would use 1.5 oz of vodka 1/3can of sparkling water and a splash of lime

A fun idea is to muddle 6-7 blueberries and mint in the bottom of your glass first, then add vodka.  Stir well. Add ice and top with sparkling water.

coco vita sparkling water

Sip and hydrate

Hopefully you will enjoy these fun cocktails for the upcoming holiday season.  If you try them, let me know!  I always love feedback.

Buon Appetito Bella Diva



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