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I have been staring at this blank blog post page for about 10 minutes and also my slight a.d.d keeps kicking in, lol, trying to figure out how I want to start this post.  First things first…I hope you are healthy, home trying to find routine, not loosing your mind, finding ways to keep yourself active (it helps with the more for your mental sanity, lol), finding ways to keep your brain active if you are not working due to this awful time. Good luck to all the moms out there!!! I can’t imagine trying to home school little ones.  At least my 2 bonus kids are fortunate to each have a computer and they are able to conquer their home school tasks on their own.

I wanted to share a dinner idea that we use every few weeks that takes no time at all and can truly make the whole fam happy.

French Bread Pizza

YEP!!!!  Real pizza!  No I have not lost my mind.  Lol.  Ernie actually saw this idea about a year ago and it is perfect.

You buy a fresh baked french baguette.  Be sure to buy the freshest loaf from the bakery. Give it a light squeeze. If it’s soft and slowly bounces bake, it’s a keeper.  Slice it in even sections and then cut horizontal to open up the sections.  You can top them anyway you desire. The kids and I lightly brush ours with olive oil and my hubby does not.  Both ways turn out super crispy.  If you need a lower carb dinner, scoop out the inner fluffy part and create a crust shell.

1st step

Before the toppings


Pizza Toppings

This part is up to you.  This is why it’s so great for the whole family.  My bonus son does not like cheese, so he just uses red sauce, pepperoni and spices.  I love LOTS of spices, a light mix of mozzarella and goat with mushrooms, spinach, onion, light red sauce and if there is room I add leftover chicken or ground turkey.

Bottle of caymus is the BEST part!

Side Dish & Serving Size

Usually my husband has 2 pieces. Bonus son 3, he is a growing boy, haha. Myself and hannah have 1 plus a big arugula or spinach salad with chicken or ground turkey. (whatever left over protein is in the fridge)  That way our serving is a great ratio of protein, carb and fat and will keep our tummies satisfied with going carb crazy.  YOU do need carbs in your diet!!!!  You just pick and choose how and where,  That’s the secret!

Time to make the Pizza

Preheat oven 400′

While heating, create your pizza of choice.

Bake for 10 minutes and voilà…perfect crispy pizza in 10 minutes. While the pizza is baking, I make our salads.

ready to eat!


Simple & Quick

Once you try using a fresh French Baguette for your crust, you will be hooked! Hopefully this gave you a new, easy divalicious dinner idea for the week. There will be many more weeks ahead of in home dining. If you need more ides, check out some of my previous blogs or message me, I will send you some more!

Be safe and stay well Bella Diva. Until next….Buon Appetitio

Bella Diva

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