Hello Divas!    Last week when I was a Trader Joes…Imagine that!?  lol,  I  saw a huge display of bottles on bottles of Avocado Oil.  First of all, I know how new fad foods come and go,  so I don’t jump on the band wagon too quickly until I do some research.  Secondly, Im a major olive oil snob being Italian, hence..Bella (beautiful) Diva Fitness.     SO I normally only use olive oil.   WELL…..a few days later I go back to trader joes and now see it with a cool spice blend (21 spices salute) with yummy loafs of fresh bread.  Ok….now  This screams new date night with my babe.   So I buy it, open it, smell it, taste it…..IN LOVE     OMG.   Extremely light, no smell, smooth and definitely made a super delish dipping oil for date night along with my Diva-licious meat sauce over greens and goat cheese.   I then looked up all the benefits.   WOW…. SO many extras.  Not only for cooking at high heat or baking but for salads as well.   I tried my egg whites, chicken with lime and chili powder, protein muffins….Everything!!!!   AND NO….it doesn’t taste or smell like an avocado.  Thanks Mona (one of my divas) for asking.

Here is a great list of Avocado Oil major benefits


1. Rich Source of Oleic Acid

The majority of essential fatty acids found in avocado oil are monounsaturated oleic acid, the same omega-9 EFA that won olive oil its claim to fame. Oleic acid is known to have several positive effects throughout the body including lowering risk of some cancers, preventing flare-ups of certain auto-immune diseases, speeding cell regeneration and wound healing, aiding the body in repelling and eliminating microbial infections, as well as reducing inflammation inside and out. (source)
Furthermore, oleic acid is highly resistant to oxidation, meaning that avocado oil won’t go rancid as quickly as many other oils when stored for long periods of time. Due to its stability, avocado oil can also be used for cooking at higher temperatures (stir fry, sauté, etc) without breaking down and loosing some of its health benefits (as other oils are known to do.)

2. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Avocado oil has an unusually high concentration of beta-sitosterol, a type of cholesterol which our bodies can use to convert less healthy fats into forms which are more usable and less damaging to cells. Because avocado oil is anti-inflammatory, it can help to prevent damage to arterial walls which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease caused by plaque deposits. Furthermore, less inflammation in the arteries means avocado oil can also go a long way toward keep blood pressure at normal, healthy levels.

3. Detoxifies Your Body

Avocado oil is loaded with chlorophyll – a natural source of super-healthy magnesium (the same mineral that makes Epsom salt so popular!) and one of the best-known natural substances for removing heavy metals like mercury and lead from the liver, kidneys, brain, and other organs. Each chlorophyll molecule contains a magnesium ion at its core which is released when it comes into contain with an acidic environment such as the inside of the human body. In the absence of said magnesium, the incomplete chlorophyll molecule attracts other metal ions in order to fill the space. When it comes into contact with one, chlorophyll binds the metal ion to itself, rending the previously toxic element harmless before passing out of the body through the bowels.
Pair avocado oil dressing with cilantro in salads and other foods for an added boost of detoxifying chlorophyll power!

4. Grows Hair Faster & Fuller

The same nutrients in avocado oil which make it ideal for moisturizing and feeding skin are also exceptionally nourishing for your hair. After cleansing your hair, apply avocado oil alone or mixed with your favorite hair- and scalp-friendly essential oils to improve both the appearance and structure of existing hair while at the same time promoting healthier and faster growth of new strands.
Be sure to check out these 28 Best Herbs For Hair Growth as well as these Top 10 Natural Ways To Grow Hair Faster to pick up more great tips and recipes to nourish your lovely locks!

5. Reduces Inflammation & Itching

Due to its high concentration of anti-inflammatory oleic acid, avocado oil can be applied topically to ease discomfort caused by all manner of skin conditions, including but not limited to dandruff, cracked heels, keratosis pilaris, insect bites and stings, sunburn, eczema, and psoriasis. (Click the links for more great natural remedies!)
Also, because avocado oil is so thick, it won’t soak in as fast as other oils. For chronic ailments like eczema, a thin coating of soothing oil can go a long way toward relieving the persistent itching of a break out. Of course, not everyone has the same reactions to every plant oil so you should definitely test a drop or two of avocado oil (or any new treatment, for that matter) on a small patch of skin from which the oil may be easily removed before applying to large areas of the body.

Ladies…..”try something new” life is about exploring.  This world is too small to live in the same boring comfortable bubble!  ENJOY it!!!   message me if you try it and like it.

Lets create some new yummy recipes together!!!!

xoxoxo     Ciao Bella

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