Happy December Fit Divas

As much as I LOVE the holiday season..I don’t like that it is the end of another year.  Holy Crap 2017  flew by.  Who else agrees?  However, its time to start new goals, adventures, both big and small.  If one of your goals is to be better prepared in the kitchen…like most fit divas, I did a little research on some new fun kitchen gadgets that may help make dinners easier and food prep for your busy weeks.  Which seems like every week!!
I have a few of the gadgets that I am about to list below and seriously couldn’t function in my crazy busy kitchen without them.

Tis the Season to Shop

Hey…its a OK to buy yourself a gift or 2 while shopping for others, Right?!  Of course!  Self Love is just as important.  Just don’t pour on the love too much and go shopping crazy. HaHa.  Hope the following list sparks some new ideas for some Fun Food ideas for your new goals ahead.

Fit Kitchen Tools

1. Oil Mister

Ok…I literally couldn’t live without this! Good fat is a must and good for you, but too much is…well too much!  I have 2 of these babies.  One filled with Avocado oil for sautéing veggies, making eggs, ground meats.  This oil can handle high heat and not loose its good fat properties.  The other mister, olive oil for salads, veggies…this oil is best for non heat.

sur la table


  • UNIQUE TRIGGER HANDLE SPRAY MECHANISM: Oil mister is designed with an innovative trigger pull handle for either a fine mist or stream of oil
  • PULL HANDLE QUICKLY OR SLOWLY TO VARY OUTPUT: To generate a fine and even mist, pull the trigger handle quickly. To generate an even stream, pull handle slowly
  • NO PUMPING, NO AEROSOL NEEDED: This oil mister sprays without the use of aerosols. There is no need to pump to build spray pressure before using

You can add herbs and spices in there as well!  Get creative and spice up that boring chicken!

2. Herb Grinder

So Cool!  Because who actually has time to finely chop those fresh herbs with a knife?
The #1 way to add taste to your healthy cooking is loading up with fresh herbs, along with some series health benefits.  Basil can go on anything!  haha!
Found it at Target

3. A “good” sauté pan

I know I have 2 pans that are different sizes that I use almost everyday.  A smaller one for my eggs every morning and a medium to large for my ground meats, chicken, veggies ect.  Love these newer style pans
This pan has a special non-stick coating that allows you to cook with less oils and fats, plus it’s made without harmful chemicals and it won’t chip or peel. It’s the go green pan.  Again, target or amazon. OR the second best I found was: Wearever ceramic pans.

4.  Herb Keeper

Yes Yes Yes  Who buys herbs for a certain recipe and only use 1/2. A few days later the other 1/2 is already slimy and bad.  That goes with salad mix too.  I use both savers.  Best value and actually works are one I found at Sur la Table & Bed, Bath Beyond.  I’m sure there are ones other places, but bottom line, they are awesome.  They help keep air flow.

Salad Saver!

5. Crock Pot

Ok, if you don’t have a crock pot by now….shame on you! haha! It is a LIFE savor and you can get a good one ANY where.
Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. I use mine 1-2 x a week. Both for myself for chicken and steaming veggies and also a must for that beyond busy day for the whole family.  If you do have a crock,  how often do you use it?? How old is the one you have??  Even a good one is only 40-70$. SO many cookbooks out there and pinterest is a big help with healthy recipes!  I LOVE this must have gadget.  Its more about creating a habit.  In the pic below, a monthly staple.  Lean plain pork tenderloin with: Dijon grain mustard, garlic powder, sea salt, pepper, chopped leeks, Worcestershire and sometimes green apple.  Cook all day on low 6-7 hours.


Easy Pulled chicken breast! Chicken, very little water and spices!


6. Mini rice cooker

This cute little gadget truly helps make food prepping so much easier! Not only rice, but your quinoa, barley…almost any grain! Even oats.  Make a big batch of oatmeal, divide it out into 4 separate containers and add different fruits, protein powders, nuts…that way you can just add some almond milk, heat and go in the morning!!!!

Old Stand by Kitchen Tools

These next few items are not new or too exciting, but there are MUST have items to make life easier when making your fit foods fast and have the most flavor so you are never feel like you have to be on a “diet”

7. Muffin Tins

Both regular size and mini muffin tins. Why?  Why not???  Not just for your healthy protein muffins but for SO many other ideas.
crustless egg Quiche

mini taco cups

mini desserts

mini apple pies

*Recipes are all in former blogs!

8. Bad Ass Chopping Knife

This is another tool that will make or break your chopping skills and time.  Nothing is more frustrating than a dull knife.  Be sure to have a go-to that can chop all veggies and fruits.  Especially the harder to chop squashes. (butternut, spaghetti, acorn)  It’s nice to have one that stores in its own sleeve.


9. Storage containers

Both glass for leftovers for the fridge and BPA free plastic so you can be prepped and take your food with you at all times;)
Glasslock makes a really awesome set and these can be placed back in the over for re-heating!


Plastic: Good ol rubber made or there are so many brands out there that are designed with separate compartments and also made for salads on the go.

10. Food processor or blender

Honestly, you can get away with the good ol magic bullet for making quick shakes or homemade dressings which is super convenient and I still use this 10-year-old gadget on a weekly.  You should also have a nice blender/food processor for making larger items like: protein muffins, pesto, homemade marinades.  I still use my ninja blender for even green smoothies.  This is truly a personal decision, but get something YOU will use!!

BONUS: Spiralizer

AKA: Zoodle maker! Make zucchini into noodles to replace heavy carb nights.  In fact you can make many veggies into noodles.   Most groceries are now selling zucchini and beets and sweet potatoes already cut for you, but it’s still nice to have the option and portion control with your own gadget.  For $10…you can’t go wrong!


Wrap it up

Hope this small list sparked some new ideas or at least helped you with some new food ideas for the gadgets you already have.  Wherever you can make life easier to flow…the better and less stressed we are to be able to accomplish the bigger goals.  Living healthy and fit isn’t more time-consuming.  Once you get a toolbox of tools and a few of your favorite go-to recipes, you will want to have dinner at home more and eat out less.  Once your body feels and sees the difference, you will be hooked!!!!!  I promise Fit Diva!
Now go and treat yourself to a new holiday gift!!!!
Ciao Bella Fit Diva

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