Hi, I’m Laura! Self awareness, self love, empowerment and positive energy are just a few key essentials to maintaining that healthy, balanced lifestyle us women are constantly seeking. My mission is to connect all those elements for each of the divas I work with.

Through overcoming my own health crisis, I’ve learned that fitness and nutrition is an essential component of our lives.

Read more about my story and living with Addison’s Disease.

life beyond

The Barbell

With a client list as diverse as her training methods, Laura works one-on-one designing customized programs that focus on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts.

She specializes in educating and inspiring women to feel fit, healthy and sexy for life. Her focus on weight loss, gaining strength, nutrition and meal planning and overall confidence helps her to enhance life “beyond the barbell” for her clients.  It’s time to begin your fitness journey!

Laura’s Approach & Specialties

Shifting the focus on achieving a balance both inside and outside the gym is a more unique and effective approach to fitness coaching, educating the mind, strengthening the body and cleansing the soul.

Specialties +
  • Meal Planning & Recipes
  • Food Coaching
  • Personal Training & Coaching
  • Education and Inspiration
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength-Building and Muscle Development
  • Overall confidence through mind, body and new focus
  • Teens and young girls fitness

Experience & Certifications

Laura combines the knowledge obtained in college, majoring in health sciences and biology, with the firsthand experience attained as a NPC bikini fitness competitor, for almost a decade.

Certifications +
  • Precision Nutrition 1 & 2 Certified Nutrition Coach
  • ISSA Master Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Sports Nutrition
  • ISSA Hormone and Health
  • TRX Group Trainer
  • National & Florida State Licensed
  • Medical Massage Therapist
  • Health Sciences & Biology
  • 200 YRT (yoga)

the diva highlights

About Laura

When is it time for a boob replacement?

When is it time for a boob replacement?

Hello Bella Diva I have been staring at this screen for a few moments to figure out how I want to start this blog.  It is not my usual food or fitness or recipe blog. Sooooo I am just going to say it as it is!! Breast Implant Replacement  It's that time for me. Yep,...

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Married Life Wu Hoo

Married Life Wu Hoo

Helloooooo Bella Diva Guess What? Yep, this fit diva is married! Wu-hooooooooooooo Laura DalSanto Wu. I never had a middle name, odd I know, but I do NOW!!! New Chapter with Married Life So many wonderful adventures are underway this year of change.  That is what I am...

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Empowering Teen Girls Through Fitness

Empowering Teen Girls Through Fitness

WellFit empowers teen girls to climb high in all areas of life. The program is designed to help girls overcome self-esteem issues and learn coping mechanisms as well as social entrepreneurship, leadership and communication skills. The girls workout with Laura, are...

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Laura was formally a Lululemon ambassador from July 2017-July 2019.

What an honor it was to be chosen and have the opportunity to represent this amazing company who believes in giving back to the community, supporting local fitness events and of course has an outstanding line of fitness gear. As an ambassador, Laura not only got to proudly represent and wear this fabulous functioning clothing line, but was asked several times to take part in special fitness events all over Florida.

During this time, Laura also discovered she had a bigger interest in learning about athleisure wear and how it truly adds value to every woman’s confidence level. “If you feel fabulous while working out or just any day to day actions your going to have a whole new level of wanting to power through your day”.

Laura decided to become a brand partner In 2021 with a new Athleisure wear line called Savvi. She saw this as another way she could add spark to Bella Diva Fitness and saw how it was another way she could make women of all ages, shapes and sizes feel empowered and fabulous EVERY day. Becoming a brand partner with Savvi has been so much more than just the AMAZING clothing. By the way…not kidding the leggings are literally the BEST I have every worn! )Yes even better than Lulu).

brand partner


Savvi was co created to empower women on any step of their journey. Our pieces are all different to fit different body types and ages, so EVERY lady feels confident and an empowered on any given day.

When it is time to sweat and go workout, then run errands or grab lunch right after we have the pieces you need to just cover up your cute outfit and be on the go.

At the office, maybe travel or date night out, we also have you covered. From dresses, skirts, kimonos, dusters and even dressier comfy yet chic leggings and matching bras.

Function & comfort are 2 must haves to help our busy life conduct much more smoothly. Especially us hard working women, moms and maybe both!

Check out the link below to see what my Athleisure wear line has to offer you and treat yourself in the style club, because YOU deserve it!

fun facts

About Laura

Favorite Food

Gosh, I love all sorts!

  • LOVE most sushi, even the funky stuff! Haha
  • LOVE Tuna poke bowls with extra ginger
  • Anything spicy & All nut butters especially cashew butter
  • Sweet indulgence: Heath or toffee anything (mom makes the best bars for christmas)
  • White chocolate macadamia nut cookies (warm and soft)
Favorite Ways to Relax
  • Sunset on the beach with a glass of wine, Raven and my sweetie
  • Any kind of spa treatments, I could get a massage everyday if I could!
  • Paddle boarding
  • Reading and researching anything that involves: cooking, women’s health and anti-aging
Purple & Sparkles

Love anything that sparkles and all shades of the color purple!

From Maryland

From Maryland, yes I am a crab cake snob! Haha! I make the best crab cakes with my secret recipe.

Favorite Diva Destination

World traveler with my fiance soon to be Husband (May 2019)

Together we have experienced:

  • International: Northern & Southern Italy (Positano is where Ernie popped the big question), Paris, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Peru, Dubai, and Tahiti this summer (for our Honeymoon)!
  • U.S: NY, California, Colorado (often), Most eastern states AND Alaska (Best cruise ever)
Favorite Obsession

I’m matcha tea obsessed. (Kunjani, a local coffee shop has the best) and also love my coffee.

Least Favorite Workouts

The Rower and Bicep Curls

Closed Toe Shoes

I hate closed toe shoes. As soon as I leave my studio, flip flops go on!

Always With Me

Water, phone, some sort of lip balm or gloss. Oh and I always keep emergency food in my car (turkey jerky, kind bar or this rice protein crackers).

Passionate about cooking

I have a passion for cooking and finding ways to create healthy versions of foods we love but should only have in moderation.  (check and follow blog for these creations)

Favorite Workouts
  • High intensity training: (burpees, Yes I love burpees) jump squats, slam balls, pull ups, push ups, etc.
  • Power Yoga
  • Outdoor jogging and power-walks
Workout Clothes
I own more workout clothes than your average woman! How can I not, when I decided to partner with a new Athleisure wear line called Savvi. Now I live in it all the time.

what’s my

Definition of a Diva?

A woman who takes pride in her daily existence and an avid pursuit for perfection in everything she does. This diva often longs to think of herself as strong, passionate, unfaltering, together and invincible. Beauty, inner and outer confidence and the ability to do it all, whether it’s being a full time working woman or a stay-at-home mom.

this is real diva life

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