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Bonjour Bella Divas
I wanted to share some of my inner thoughts and travel experiences from my biggest travel yet. I was beyond excited and kinda nervous… I know I know. Nervous? I’m a creature of habit and wasn’t sure how this fit diva was gonna do. Turns out.. I’m ready to hop back on that plane and do it all over again! It also helped to have the best travel partner along my side too????????. This blog will be more of a “dear diary” form. I started it actually while in London! Enjoy.
As I sit here on a coach bus for the next 2 hours returning back to London from another day tour I’ve decided to write down a few thoughts about my longest travel yet. Not only to tell you that you all must visit these 2 wonderful places and the details about them but more importantly relating this long travel away from home and my normal health & fitness routine. Which I can’t lie… I was super excited yet also nervous about getting off “the diva regular routine” for too long. I live & breath health & fitness. However…. happiness and de-stressing the body is SO needed. There is NO simple equation. Nope. There is not. I have gone too extreme with trying to look perfect and be healthy. And there is NO such thing. This time away has opened my eyes on so many levels. Here is the question of the day….. what is happiness???? And what makes YOU happy???? Truly ask yourself that.
Now let’s have some fun!!!!!

FIRST…Lets talk food and drink!

Yes, of course I am in Paris, the land of amazing bread and wine and cheese and….could go on and on. I had this mental pep talk with myself: Laura you will enjoy yourself and you wont get FAT!!!   I love living a healthy fit lifestyle, but sometimes it gets in my head too much,  constantly still watching and seeing perfect fit bodies.  I teach my divas all day….”find that balance” Well…  What the heck is that?   Life is truly too short not to live.
I ate AMAZING french bread at every meal.  Had lotsa wine everyday and desserts most nights.  Wowzaaa!  so so wonderful.   However, I still ate a light breakfast with egg whites, Brie, bread.   Lunches with salads, breads and wines.   Dinner:  WE indulged most nights.   My most fav: Gordon Ramsay in London.    I could seriously tell you about every meal.  Including the lettuce, cheese sub we were given on a tour!  hahaha.  I came back not gaining a pound. Not bragging by any means.  Proving the point, you can let go and enjoy life.  Living a regular healthy lifestyle allows me to do this.  Trust me…its not my age or young metabolism anymore.  In fact, I have hypothyroid issues.  SO that is NOT an excuse! If i can let go, anyone can;)

Gordan Ramsay Restaurant


lunch in Versailles

Bottom Line…..Enjoy what you LOVE in moderation.   Life is too short.  Walk everywhere and enjoy the bliss of happiness!!!!!!!

First journey: Paris, France

An eight hour non stop flight from Ft Lauderdale wasn’t as bad as I thought. We had a 10:45 pm flight. So dinner, a big glass of wine (which started my daily wine consumption ????) and some time to digest before the flight helped set the tone. Once all cozied up with blankets a great new book I was ready to relax. I knew I was on a real vacation because I haven’t read a “real book” other than nutrition or fitness related books in years. No time. Sadly enough but that’s the truth. I have learned lots this trip away by the way????. My book: A Girl on a Train. Been hearing about the movie… so far… book is awesome!!!
Finally fell asleep, I was out for a few hours before I knew it, the breakfast cart with meals and coffee were coming through. Definitely felt off and groggy. Woke up 6 hours ahead of my regular time zone. Now that took days to adjust to.
Off the plane, off to customs, luggage and then a car to our hotel.
First thing that hit me… fast moving beautiful people speaking French, Faster moving cars in very small lanes and lots of city life everywhere. I loved every second of Paris the moment we arrived.
I had the pleasure of staying at a gorgeous hotel that was 5 min walking distance from the Eiffel Tower ✨. Plus it was our view from the balcony. My sweetheart definitely did lots of research before this trip!
When they saw seeing the Eiffel Tower is magically… it really does take your breath away. Daytime, night time all lit up and every hour it sparkles like magic for 5 minutes.

Made it to the top twice. Once for a view. Second, back to the second level to have a fabulous 5 course dinner & wine selection at Le Jules Verne. Another perfect evening with the birthday boy.
Lots & lots of walking which I loved. Plus I had to have climbed over 1500 steps. We saw many views from some of the tallest buildings in each city. Trying to get in the booty workouts the best I can. Lol.

Day 2:

Château de Versailles. Castle of Versailles…..AMAZING CITY
House of Marie Antoinette
Champs Elysees….kinda like 5th ave of Naples

Hall of Mirrors, Chateau de Versailles

Day 3:

We covered SO much this day.
Notre Dame. Much much more complex then I ever imagined.
Saw my first “love locks” bridge Pont Nuef
Le Louvre Museum. Oh my… so much info and art. Wow  Actually saw the Mona Lisa!!


Mona Lisa   SO small!!!!

Day 4

A first timer…. learning how the use and operate a Segway. No problem I thought! ha. I’m the fit queen of balance and core control. Ha! Took a good 10 min to get the hang of it. But once I did… full speed ahead. This was a blast!!!  Except time, note to self and to anyone who gets cold quick…My hands and feet became numb:(  Layers Next time.
Tour Company: Fat Tire Paris

Day 5

Train to London
Getting settled in our new lil place to stay.  It was like a small apt.  Loved IT

overlooking the Thames River

Day 6

Tour on a Coach Bus.  Not the best way to get a tour, but we still enjoyed all the sites:
Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Boat ride on the Thames, Shard building, newest and tallest.

Day 7

My FAVORITE!!  Super long tour (about a 12 hour day) SO worth it
Windsor Castle, could have spent a day here.  Stonehenge.  City of Bath, Roman baths.  SO loved this little city.  Plus a bonus…They just started their Christmas Village.  Walked around with our Hot spiced wine and did some shopping and tasting with beautiful live christmas music!!


Day 8

Our last Day! Westminster Abby & Parliament, Big Ben.   Finished off with a Big Birthday Blowout for my man at an amazing restaurant in west London called Hedone.  The chef does not have a menu.  He finds his ingredients on a daily basis and then creates.  Oh my!  7 and 10 course meals with wine pairings.  Each meal was prepped in a live kitchen in front of us!  Life time experience with my love.

First experience with Sweet Bread! Not a Fave! haha
Cheers to my Travel Partner, Best Boyfriend  & Birthday Boy!  Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!  xo

Another Fun course!!!  One of my Fave!

Day 9

Travel DAY.  Long but truly not as bad as I thought.  9 hour flight back.  This time during the day.  Still managed to sleep half of the time so it went by quick.


I absolutely had the time my life.  It opened my eyes on so many levels.  As a trainer/coach.  As a fitness girl who was afraid to step outside of her comfort zone.  Lastly, I am embracing this new change of travel and ready to share my experiences as a fit diva around the world. Stay tuned for the next big adventure….Japan!!!!!

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