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I have been staring at this screen for a few moments to figure out how I want to start this blog.  It is not my usual food or fitness or recipe blog. Sooooo I am just going to say it as it is!!

Breast Implant Replacement 

It’s that time for me. Yep, need to replace the boobs.  I had them done 15 years when I was 25 and started training for my first figure competitions.  While training hard for my shows, I literally lost all my boobs as I was gaining lots of diva muscle and leaning out, but I barley fit in an A cup from a solid 32 B. I wanted my top to match the bottom half of me.  Especially since I was going into the competition and modeling arena as a professional.  Best personal decision I made.  They have lasted through some serious training.  From fitness training for shows to heavy intense weight lifting in crossfit, probably a million push-ups (ha, seems like it) to just all sorts of physical stress.  They have survived! I was told when getting saline implants they would need to be replaced in about 10-12 years.  Approaching 15 years of having them, I always said…I must be Proactive and not Reactive to have them replaced.  Well, that didn’t happen. I am now in a reactive situation as one has severely encapsulated (left) and the right one is slightly. I mean…if they are not bothering you, then why change?  Some women are lucky and can go 20 years without any issues, but keep in mind artificial parts to need to be updated, especially plastics that are in the body.


Listen To Your Body

In the beginning of this year, 2019, I had severe pain in both boobs. Like pain to the degree it hurt to have a loose tank top on them with out my sports bra.  Im like…WTF? Did I tear them going through yoga teacher training with all my Chaturanga Dandasanas…haha! NO!  Then, of course my minds starts thinking the worse.  So I first had a plastic surgeon take x-rays to see what the heck was going on!!!

Turned out, they were actually in pretty good shape for all the wear and tear.  The left looked a little suspicious of an encapsulation but nothing really at all.  Then I went and had my first ever mammogram a month before turning 40.  My boobs looked fantastic!!! By the way…I have heard the worst awful horror stories on how BAD mammograms hurt.  It was NOTHING!!!!  So if you haven’t had one in a while and know you are due…GO!

The conclusion on the intense pain for about 2 weeks turned out to be all related to hormones.  I had the worst year, last year, with my hormones due to a very strong steroid I had on for about 6 month for my colaginal colitis.  Hot Mess I was!!!!

New Boob Pain

This is where my red flag waved.  About 2 weeks before getting married (May 25, 2019) I noticed a very uncomfortable pull in my left boob.  Then more pull up into my armpit with burning and itching. Day by Day it became worse.  I was fortunate enough to have my wedding planner (who was like a mom to me) also have a full time career as an OR plastic surgeon nurse.  I told her and she immediately said your implant is encapsulated and you need to change this asap.  The longer you wait, the more scare tissue, which leads to more pain and complications.  So…I was on it!  The first day I  could fit it in was today.  June 26.

As you read this I will be getting a new set of boobs!  There is never a perfect time for anything unexpected, you must just FLOW and ACCEPT and do your best.


Not only did I write this to remind all my girls to listen to your body but also do YOU for YOU! Everyone has their own opinion and choice.  I have had many say…why not just take them out or did you know they could be causing this or that?!  Everyday “something causes something” to not be healthy.  One day coffee is good for you the next not so good.  I never regretted make my enhancement 15 years ago and I will not regret it now.  In fact, I love my boobs!!!!  So, always do you for you!!!!

8 Pillars of Health

I would have to say, the hardest struggle I have had with needing to go through surgery, is accepting NOT working out for a month!!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!  IT IS my stress relief, my happy hour, my everything!!!!!  lol

Ok, maybe not a month, nothing for 2 weeks, and no upper body for a month.  I will use this as reset.  Focus on keeping the other 7 pillars of health on point. Healthy foods, less stress, more sleep, emotional, social, spiritual and doing things I normally do not make time for.  Especially since Diva on Demand (online program) will be coming soon along with the Bella Diva Fitness App!  Before I know it, a month will pass.

Mind over Matter!!  If there is change in your life, embrace it, stay as positive as you can and try not to have the ALL or nothing attitude!

Stay tuned for this Diva and her recovery on my IG story. If I can help anyone…let me know!

Until next time..happy sweating and have fun with your food.  Next blog will be all about salty snacks that don’t bloat!



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