Happy Happy Healthy Holiday Season Bella Diva

My last blog of 2019.  Eeeeekkkkkk!! I am actually SUPER excited to wrap up this amazing year of what I called “change” to see what the NEW 2020 decade has in store.  I never want time to fly any faster then it does, but the year of change is about to blossom into the year and years of my next theme “time to fly”. Not fly, like fast, but to soar high and be willing to go with the flow of life.  My year of amazing change: 2019

  • I Turned 40 & Fabulous
  • Married the Man of my Dreams  (Wu-hooooo)
  • 2019 Diva Destinations (Dubai, Jordon, (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, my absolute dream), Baltic cruise, Nashville, Asheville, The Galapagos Islands AND we will end it in Park City for our annual ski vacation.  HOLY MOLY!!!  #blessed
  • Laura & Ernest – The Intercontinental Thalasso – Bora Bora

  • Surgery (it was time for a new set of girls) One incapsulated. Hey it was change!
  • My man turned 50 & Fabulous
  • Changed business locations
  • Developed & launched my product line of Bella Diva Fitness decks and my APP Bella Diva Fit
  • AND….brought on my first official trainer and mini me! Chanel Pinder


Favorite Fit Finds

Need a last minute idea? Do you ever just get stuck trying to figure out what the heck to get your girlfriend or mother or sister or even a co-worker and do not want to give the good ol Starbuck’s gift card? or another candle? Both can always be used, but wouldn’t it be great to give a creative surprise that is different, something that encourages someone to live a little healthier AND the best part most of the gift ideas come from local small businesses here in Naples, Fl. If you do not live here, no worries, they all can be shipped or amazon. Or maybe after seeing my favorite gifts, it may spark a new idea for you! Create a basket out of the following items are just as a single stocking stuffer.

Inspiration Socks

Sounds silly, but a pair of cute manta socks always help move your feet a little quicker and smoother! Or maybe its all in my mindset. Hey, everything needs to be just a shift in your mindset.  Just sayin!  Good all Target, or I am sure amazon will have many to choose from as well.

Target Store

Target Store 2.99



I love love love these all natural tabs you just plop in your water.  ZERO artificial ingredients. A blend of all your needed electrolytes that natural occur in the body. If you sweat for an hour a day, plop one in your water and sip while you sweat. They taste awesome. I am very picky about after taste anything!  Great for travel. Why? because your body gets dehydrated. So if you feel a slight headache come one, use a one in your water. There are many flavors and blends. So be sure you read the label for what your body needs. My FAV: Sport Strawberry Lemonade

Where: Whole Foods or amazon or Dicks Sports



Iphone  watch band

I am obsessed with my watch and I am obsessed with these sweat proof, glitter bands. Literally 10 different glitter color silicone bands AND only $9.99 on Amazon

Might as well sas up your wrist to go with your socks and outfit of course

Olive Oil & Vinegar

Sounds simple yet everyone LOVES this magical combo. Think outside the common box of salad.  Think: roasted veggies, pan sautéed cauliflower rice and zoodles. Bake chicken and fish and drizzle both on top to zest them up and yet your keeping it SO simple. A local store here in Naples, called Naples Olive Oil carries over 20 different organic flavors of both EVOO and 18 year ages balsamic.  My favorite: Tuscan olive oil & Raspberry balsamic.

Lets not forget..these fun fancy condiments are also a great blend with spices to make an easy decadent bread dip.  C’mon, you gotta indulge a little each week.

If you don’t live here in Naples, look for a place that carries an organic line of different high quality flavors.


Bella Diva Fitness Decks

Well, if you don’t know by now how amazing these motivational workout cards are, I am not doing a very good job about telling you more about them! haha

Help someone or maybe a treat for yourself to workout anywhere and not have to create your own workout. Every time you workout to your cards, the workout is never the same twice.

The decks were designed as if I was creating a personal training session for you.

Workout Deck 1: Full Body 2 different days

Workout Deck 2: Upper and Core 2 different days

Workout Deck 3: Legs and Booty

All Decks have over 20 exercise and like I said, every time you workout, the exercises change order, because you have to shuffle each time you sweat.  AND…..there is a FREE App you can download with ALL the moves I created. BELLA DIVA FIT


If you get all 3, you will have 6 different days each week.

Now until December 31… BUY 2 decks get one FREE $50 for all 3.  Less then 1 private session, just sayin!!!!!

Enter code: THANKFUL at checkout 💜


Fitness Fashion

So most of you know I AM a lululemon ambassador, a dream come true. However, I have discovered a local company who carries the same quality yet half the price.  Style Loft has SO many styles that are sexy yet comfy and fits all sizes.  Please check her site: http://styleloftfashion.com

She is all about working out and feeling good, then layering with a top layer to look like you didn’t just sweat and can run errands after.

Words of Wisdom

My final word of 2019….or just in this blog….

Do you, Inspire Someone or Many!  If you could change someones life for the better, DO IT.  That includes you!  I am not just talking about fitness, I am talking about anything a woman could use, want, need. That includes quite time and time to just be. I wish you the BEST of the rest of 2019 and let’s sweat & chat about diva-licious recipes in the new decade.

Happy new Healthy year and Merry Christmas Diva

2020 IS OURS!!!!



Bella Diva






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