Vacation Mindset

Good Morning Fit Divas!
Who is ready for a vacation?  Even if it is for 2 days or 2 weeks…its sooooo important for your minds to check out once in a while!  That’s where the growth occurs.  Personally, Business, Family life…It happens!  I know for a fact most of us do not do it enough!!!!
However, it is not a “pass card” to go off track from your healthy diva fit lifestyle completely.  I am still learning that word called BALANCE.  There is a time for work and a time to let your mind check out AND there is balance in between.
Vacation DOES NOT = go off food and fitness track for a week!!  Vacation is time to relax the mind from the daily grind, reset, unwind and of course have some light-hearted FUN!
When one of my clients/divas are about to go away, they ask me with a worried tone….”how am I going to stay on track???”
Now that I am able to start traveling more often, Im discovering the ins and outs on how to enjoy my trip to the fullest!  I mean, we truly only live once!!!  Whether its local, out-of-state or international travel, I will choose where to enjoy the foods and drink I want.  I always say: food is a numbers game!  If I know there is something I am going to splurge on…ex: Italy! I would keep my breakfast clean and light and then enjoy that cannoli with my coffee as a snack;)   Or, keep my lunch on track and totally enjoy a few glasses of the local vino with dinner!!!  Let’s discuss some common concerns!


Healthy Travel Tips Q&A

How will I find time to workout as much & what will I do?
First of all, I love getting that question, however, do not be so obsessed about getting in your normal routine!  Remember, you ARE on vacation.  Most people sit or stand around in an office or car for a living.  Now that you are in a different environment, you probably are going to just be more active by walking a few miles a day!   If this is strictly a lounge around beach resort with zero activities then take a few days to explore, walk and get in some movement that way.   If you want to go to the gym then create a quick 20-30 min routine to get a good sweat and get some blood flowing.  If time allows on travel, I will go to the gym maybe 1-2 times!  That’s IT!    I would rather explore and do things I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to see and experience.  It doesn’t matter how or what, just be active each day doing something!

Hotel Workout Routine

Keep your workout intense, shorter and to the point!
Full body Strength & Cardio

Diva Fit Workout

This will be a sequence of 10-9-8-7…..down to 1
So u do 10 of the following then 9 and so on
After each number you will run on treadmill or do  jumping jacks or 1 min sprint on elliptical depending on what is available.
After all 10 exercises, run or jack or elliptical, then all 9, run, jacks….ect  Until you do 1 of each move


Walking lunges (each leg counts as one).
Squats holding weight if you have it available
Mountain climbers
Jump Squats
Bench Dips
Now go run, jumping jacks or elliptical for  a minute
Then back at this for 9 reps then run.  Then 8 reps, run. Down to 1 rep of all.

What about food? At the Airport? On plane?

Now a days, there are so many more options to choose from.  Having the willpower to make the better option is up to you.  I would much rather enjoy the food on my vacation instead of the crap in an airport and definitely make sure you EAT!  Pack some of your favorite snacks just in case!
Remember to have combo snacks and meals.   Meaning: do not consume just carbs (fruit, crackers, pretzels) alone. Add some good fat: string cheese or hummus or Protein: jerky or greek yogurt.   This will keep you fuller longer and not reaching for the endless supply of cheese nips or swedish fish!

Example DIY Airplane Meals
Breakfast: Greek yogurt + granola
Snack: Grapes + nuts
Lunch: Turkey & veggie wrap + apple
Snack: Fresh cut veggies + hummus
Dinner: Salad with grilled chicken or fish tacos without sour cream
Do not overindulge  before getting on the plane.  No one likes to feel uncomfortable or use the little tiny toilet on the plane;)

Travel Snacks:

There are so many options.  A few tips:

  • Bars: Just be sure to read the label on protein bars.  Most have more sugar than candy bars.  Also the ones that claim “sugar free” are loaded with artificial crap.  Which can throw your digestive system into a very uncomfortable feeling if you know what I mean?!   Try to get an even balance of your macros.  Good fat from some nuts, carbs ranging in the 15-25g zone and definitely some protein.  You want your bar to keep you satisfied for a while.
  • Nuts: Most people go for this blend.  Which is ok if you have a handful and then mix it with some fresh fruit or beef jerky.  Good fat is needed and keeps you full, BUT fat calories add up very quick so be mindful.
  • Sandwiches or wraps:  Sure!  Again, look for choices you would normally get and try to avoid the heavy mayo or cheese.

Here are a few fun new items I have found

Portion Control Friendly


Sweet but still low sugar & no artificial


Should I drink more water?

Stay hydrated at home and while flying.– We know flying dehydrates us which can cause headaches and even bloating and no fit diva should have to deal with either one!  You don’t need anything special, just lots water.  I have no shame in getting up 2-3 times to use the plane toilet!
And….of course when vacation mode kicks in, we tend to have a few extra glasses of vino or cocktails, so be sure to truly hydrate and keep that diva fit body feeling as good as it can.

Back on Track…

After adventuring off, sometimes its hard to get back in the groove, or we think we need to eat less, detox, cleanse…or something extreme to lose the few pounds we gained.  First of all, most of the time it’s mainly a few lbs of extra water weight from eating higher sodium foods or traveling alone can cause bloat.  Go back to your normal routine!  Hydrate a ton, sweat good 45 minutes a day and eat extra greens and less carbs in the evening to balance back out!  I promise you will feel better in a few days.
“To Live is the Rarest Thing in the World.  Most People Just Exist”
palm 2
Ciao Bella Divas!!!!

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