Hi Bella Diva

Who is ready for this hot month of August to END???

Who fell off their regular workout routine and needs some extra motivation?

Who wants to win a Bella Diva Fit Deck so you have endless workouts anywhere?

If YES…..Check out this jump start challenge!



Fitness & Food Challenge

So here are the details:

You must complete each day of the exercises given. This part is an honor system…I mean your only cheating yourself!!!  Week one you must do 5 extra miles on top of your regular workouts.  Meaning, if you already jog or spin one day as your normal workout, that does not count.  EXTRA!!!  Week 2 7 extra miles.

The days where it tells you to try a new food..you MUST take a pic of that, tell me what it is and send it to me.  Email, text, IG, FB.  I don’t care!  AND of course if you post anything on your social media and tag me and your doing a challenge I will reward you! I promise!!!!  Hey we are all about supporting & inspiring each other.

If you need any of the exercises, I will do them on my story and some days go live!

Last, if anyone who lives in Naples wants to do them at my studio or join me mid day…I would love it!


Summer Sizzle Challenge

Fitness Challenge Prize

Yayyyyyyyyy  BEST Part!

I want to share the love of my product line: Bella Diva Fit Decks. Literally endless workout combinations that can be done anywhere!  The Upper and Core deck & Legs and Booty deck will be in next week!!!  Plus I have the full body deck.  The Bella Diva Fit APP with all the exercises is almost complete too!!  AND, you can get all the decks as an app so I am at your fingertips at all times!!!  Personal trainer in your pocket!

If you complete the Challenge, you will receive 50% off a deck So..ONLY 12$ a deck AND I will be choosing 3 winners for a FREE Deck!!!

The biggest prize…A jump start and motivation into this new month of September!

If you you have any questions???  ASK!

PS  Please let me know if you are joining from the start!!



Bella Diva

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