How to Take the Best Diva Pics

Hello Bella Divas!
Finally a blog that isn’t about food!    Sounds like a silly topic, but most women Hate taking  pics because they don’t like how the picture turns out.  You hear people say, “your so photogenic”.  Everyone can look fabulous in photos…its all about the pose and angle.  I used to get teased…”Laura the poser” is taking a pic, look out!    Well…I was taught early on when I was doing fitness modeling…how to take the best pic no matter what!    Now, Im so thankful I learned how to pose years ago and know the technique in my late 30’s  haha.      Lets go over some tips on how to look your best in pics.  We bust our bootys day in & day out in the gym and do our best to eat healthy.  Now lets look diva sexy in pics.  EVERY woman wants to look and feel Beautiful (Bella)

1 ~ Smile a Real YOU Smile

Your smile was built for your face, and personality too! Let the camera see the smile you give your friends when you see them after being apart for a while. (Think of the smile you give them and practice in the mirror.)  In other words, don’t give a fake smile!  When you smile from truly shows!   Most importantly, smile with your eyes.  Try It!  When women give a fake smile, there is no emotion or movement with the eyes.  The biggest tip I was given, look at the camera with your inner eyes and smile big.  It doesn’t lie!

2 ~ NO NO NO Duckface

We have ALL done it and it is SO not picture worthy!  lol  Honestly look up any model, you will see ZERO pucker up duck faces.    There are some worse that others..I could go on and on….. SMILE divas & even show your pearly whites.   Its Ok to give a half smile or closed lip smile when doing a serious or a sexy pic, but NO Duck Lips!!!!!!!

3 ~ Body Position

In a full body picture, place one of your hands on your hip to open up your chest and make your posture up and tall.  Most of us slouch due to weak posture muscles (rear delts, rhomboids) & negative mind set.  Place that hand on your hip, smile big and twist at the waist.  Also, Pretend you are squeezing a lemon in between your shoulder blades to instantly improve slumping shoulders.  When you are in a tight dress or in your bathing
suit, never pose directly straight at the camera.  Keep your body at an angle.  Keep your chin slightly up & forward.   Lastly, if you have med/long length hair,  let it fall to the
front of one side and keep it back on the other.


4 ~ Camera Advice

Of course a high quality camera is going to be your best option.   This day in age, most smart phones have fantastic cameras plus accessories that you can add on. Zoom lens, light rings, stands with remotes.  Be sure not to take the photo at a low angle.   Its great for scenery shots or objects, but not for the “figure”.  Lastly, be sure your lighting is spot on.  If its too bright or dark, this is the time to use those filters.  Filters are great for lighting not for making you look like someone else;)

Bottom Line

Everything needs practice in order to get better!

Go & Practice looking like a Diva for all your pics!

Remember: Be You, Be Real & Smile

Ciao Bellas  xo

“Confidence is the Sexiest Thing a Woman can Wear”

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