Happy 2017 Bella Divas!

Time to write that next chapter: 2017. Year of: Embrace the Change!
I’ll further explain as these new Blogs go out!
I’m not going to Preach about the yearly routine.. “It’s time to write down your goal or talk about how much weight do you wanna loose or the next diet or Blah, Blah,Blah. Those of you who have been apart of BDF know me already. I don’t set those little goals with any of you… it’s about lifestyle and planning. It’s about mind shift & body shift. Meaning… instead of saying, “I’ll be happy when I can fit into my “skinny jeans” or I’ll be happy when my legs get tighter or my belly gets flatter or I don’t drink so much or plan better or I could go on & on. Lol. Be happy with yourself NOW because that is what is going to get those forever results. I Promise.
Here’s a question for you during this New week of January 17’. What is YOUR passion? I mean… What moves you? Motivates you? Makes you happy? Truly. Think about it! Those answers will help propel you forward in conquering those goals. In fact, with any goal.
My Passion? My Motivation??
My Passion? The thing I live for?…helping someone, especially women & teaching them how to live a healthy, happy, fun life.   How?  That depends on the persons goal!  Bottom line, I know with my heart and soul, educating, showing and inspiring health is what my passion truly is.  What moves me?  Music. Sun. Coffee.   Learning new moves in yoga and fitness. My hardworking, dedicated sweetheart.   Meeting new people.  Reading new fitness blogs.  The beach.  My Divas and my sister.
I’m going to create and write these blogs in 2017 on a lil deeper, real and raw level.
Now that we know what we are passionate about and hopefully we know what motivates us… we can now start to plan these goals step by step with a positive attitude. We will be able to think about it, feel it, act on it and use that diva attitude and conquer it. Planning is key! A few simple rules:
K.I.S.S Keep It Super Simple
“A Goal without a PLAN is just a Wish”
However you want to log your goals is up to you.  I live with my iPhone and laptop, SO the best way for me to plan…the old fashion way, write it down.  That way its quick, forever on paper and will never get erased.
I’m not talking about your work apps or personal meetings…more along the line of planning your workouts, food and the way feel that day.  Even if its a few days a week, I promise you will be happy you wrote it down and it will create forever lifestyle changes.

Passion & Planning Bella Diva Style

My fav Planner: Erin Condren   Don’t just plan work and appointments, plan your workouts, food, how you feel….it really helps you stay on track!

This is my planning bible 😉

Bottom Line…. Find something or someone to keep you accountable!  It truly helps you succeed with any goal in life.
Happy planning Divas!  Questions or need Motivation?  Contact me!  I’m here for you!
Ciao Bellas

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