Hello & Happy Fit Friday!

I’m trying 2 new things today! Using my blogging App on my phone instead of my computer to test it out for next week when I blog from Peru ????. So this will be much more informal. Raw… is a better term! Which is kinda cool to just write and let go. Second…. my Fit tip Friday isn’t about a move or set of exercises. It’s about Make up!

 What & Why?

As a Fitness coach/trainer & Fit diva ???? I’m always in action, or a hot sweaty mess from workouts that I squeeze in between clients ALL day long. I would love to not wear make up but, I unfortunately have some dark spots & uneven skin tone for now, so I’m always with some make up.
I wanted to share my daily go-tos that last from 6:30am ☀️ until 7-8pm. Even through sweaty workouts between clients it lasts & does Not give me any break outs. Soooo if you’re in the same boat or just want so fun natural new makeup to try… read on.
I also LOVE finding everyday casual wear (drugstore or Target finds) that does not break the bank. Save the good stuff for those special nights or events.

Fun Finds for Fit Divas

First & most importantly I start with a vitamin C serum, eye cream and an awesome 30 SPF moisturizer. EVERYDAY!

I have been using tarte for years! Lasts ALL day and full coverage!!!!! This tarte brush is a newer find and I’m in LOVE. Found at Ulta.

NEW finds & I LOVE. Usually I use tarte but heard about this brand and how Amazing it was. At Target and Ulta. Super great price. The concealer is as it says: Kick Ass. That bronzer/Blush has a few tricks. Love! Look at next pic.

How cool!!!! I also use the individual colors to pop on my eye lids. I travel a lot… so this is a win win. Of course they have many different color palettes.

TOTAL splurge and worth it! If you are not familiar with the Eminence line… it’s
Aahhh-Mazing. All natural products made from foods you eat. Smells amazing!!! I also use their serum. Anyway… it’s a mineral powder with full 30 spf coverage. So if you need a mid day re-fluff…. perfectooooo

So I love my Channel & Too faced Mascara for my special evenings but for everyday this stuff ROCKS. Super length and volume but most importantly..it never runs and smears! When I workout, I sweat buckets!!!!!! Be sure not to get waterproof. I get asked all the time, “Are your lashes fake?” Nope!!!!! Oh I also use Latisse a few times a week too ????

Me after a full day and workout and getting my brows waxed while writing this blog ????

I DO NOT leave home without these must haves. Yes it plumps like a Mother ….. & Burt’s bees add moisture and shimmer!!! Definitely makes you feel that much better????

Feeling Fab on Fit Friday

Well… hope this gave you a new idea or 2 or 3. Remember.. do what makes you feel good and the rest becomes easier. Have a fabulous rest of your Friday. Look out for foods from Peru next week!!!Ciao Fit Divas

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