Vacation Time?

Hello Fit Divas

It has been a few weeks since I have posted a blog and for one of the first times….EVER…I am actually A OK with not meeting my time frame or getting upset with myself or saying..”Laura, you MUST do this now”.  IT IS OK!!!!! To allow yourself me time and be proud of that. Stress management is a very difficult pillar to handle as women because we don’t know how to say NO or think it’s not ok to stop your project a little early for some much-needed YOU time.  As women we truly need to remind each other that…IT IS OK!!!
So I became a little behind on blogging after a wonderful family vacation to Barcelona and Paris.  As I still sigggghhh with the amazingness I still feel from that experience.

Speaking of travel and vacation and summer time.  I wanted to touch base on some tips and ideas that help me stay on fit diva track when I travel.  Yes I indulge and encourage you to enjoy the amazing delicious foods that each place has to offer, but I also know how to keep a better balance so I don’t totally feel like I lost everything in one week of travel.

Vacation is a time to let loose, have fun and enjoy life..It’s a MUST but it is also a MUST to stay mindful at times when we can.


Fit Diva Mindset

I think a major misconception people get about staying fit while traveling is, you must find a gym to do your typical workouts and then it backfires and then you get in this mindset of..Screw it, I will just eat what I want and get back on track when I get home.
I can honestly say, I used to feel like that and would get upset at myself if I didn’t stay on my regular routine. Um..That mindset had to shift years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.  You can move your body in other ways!

The other must needed mindset is…YES it is ok to enjoy foods you normally wouldn’t but don’t OVER eat them..Savor them and try to find balance among ALL your meals.

Once you can wrap your head around the two…Not only will vacation be more enjoyable, you won’t feel like a total bloat ball bitch (sorry but its true)  when you get back. And…its much easier to just flow back into your daily fit diva routine.

Travel Tips and Ideas

Now that I am so blessed to travel much more these days, here are a few ideas that help me along the way!

Meal Plan

Even if your flight is short, there’s travel time to and from the airport, long security lines, potential delays… You’re gonna get hungry! I like to arrive early and take a lap around the terminal to scope out the food options. (Bonus: You’ll get in some physical activity before sitting for a while!) I’ll usually grab a salad with chicken or a turkey wrap so I have both a carb and protein to keep me full to take on the plane. And if you get to your location and your stomach’s growling, grab something at the destination airport before hitting the taxi line. You never know if you’ll get stuck in traffic!

Emergency Snacks

Be prepared: Not just for your flight, but for your entire trip. You won’t have the luxury of your home’s fully stocked kitchen, so pack your carry-on bag with shelf-stable snacks to tide you over during your travels. My go-tos are snack bars with both protein and fiber, 100-calorie packs of almonds, single-serve jerky packs, and whole fruit.  I try to leave the bars for emergency though! Real Foods are best!

Be aware of the Snack Boxes they offer you on flight.  The combos of Carb, Carb and more Carb and some good fat and little protein.

For example:  Dried fruit..which we think is healthy, crackers, pretzels, bread, hummus and nuts.

I would choose the crackers, hummus, nuts AND more importantly WATCH your portion!!!!!!

Again, we get in that mindset..Oh Im on vacation and loose control of how much we are consuming.   SAVE the calories for the good stuff. Not crap airplane food.






I always grab a large bottle of water at the airport to drink on my flight. Then I’ll order sparkling water when the drink cart comes around. And here’s a GREAT tip: Before you arrive at your hotel, stop by a convenience store and grab a six pack of bottled water. You’ll be glad you did… Hotel water is pricey!  Trust me you will feel so much better!

Move Your Body

Walk whenever you can to keep your metabolism up after long flights and drives. Resist the moving sidewalks at the airport!!  In fact, I will race my boyfriend as he uses that silly thing! Haha

Take the stairs at your hotel, and explore your new city on foot. If you have a gym, create a mini full body workout that only takes 20-30 minutes.  It’s a great way to counteract any extra calorie intake on your trip.

Even if you don’t have a gym, create a mini 20 minute body weight workout in your room.

If you need some motivation or ideas…

Check out the Fit Diva Deck of Cards.  A workout that you can do anywhere for any amount of time needed and you don’t have to create your own circuits! The cards do it for you.


You can take this little box of endless exercise combinations that make you sweat and burn and do not need any equipment.

The Kids and I even have contests to see who gets their cards done first.

Even if you sweat for 15-20 minutes a few times on vacation it truly makes you feel better and help you get back into your routine easier!


Final Food for Thought

Remember, travel and vacation are meant to be enjoyed.   A time to reset and relax the body and mind.  However, don’t let yourself get too off track because when you come back from the reset you did, you destroy it by beating yourself up for gaining weight or feeling so awful.  Create YOUR balance and Enjoy Life to the Fullest.


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