For many years, I had battled issues with hormones.

Lived a very competitive life with dance, then fitness competing and not knowing when to properly rest, eat enough, know that it was “ok” to have a level of normal body fat and not my competition percentage at 9-10%. I Lived a very on the go stressed life, thinking the only way to success was to be at full throttle at all times. What felt normal was always being in motion and never resting, and all I was doing was stressing my body to an absolute max point. Along with physical stress, I was mentally stressed to the max with constantly spinning my wheels with business, past relationships, “picking up and starting over” type of feeling.

At the age of 35 my body finally gave out. During the summer of 2014, my heart would race while just trying to walk 50 Meters as if I did a sprint. I would get dizzy, seriously forget things. (Felt like my mom, haha) Like where I parked or an apt with a client. So not me. I was having the sensation that if I had to pee, I literally could not hold it. My skin tone was super dark. I tan easy, but this was not normal. Horrible migraines.

Barley could lift 5 lbs weights above my head and I could lift 20lbs db. Lost 10 lbs for no reason. Plus others…I ignored these signs kept pushing like I“Just do”.

That finally lead to me finally surrendering when I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Chest pain, arms tingling.

Thank God I finally went to the ER just in time before it was too late.

After many tests, I was told my heart was fine, thank God, but my sodium was a such a low (122mg) it was a miracle I didn’t have a heart attack or go into shock.

I then Followed up with a cardiologist to be sure and an endocrinologist who ran all the appropriate tests until he found out what was going on. I was then diagnosed with Addison’s.

The doctor told me I would be put on a steroid for the rest of my life to mimic cortisol (your flight or fight hormone) and need a medical ID bracelet. This fit diva thought he was joking. He was not. ME…health queen ME needed a medical ID.

Living healthy was quite the opposite extreme. I taught others all day how live healthy and I wasn’t following my own knowledge. Funny how do that.

Once I was put on the the steroid, hydro-cortisone, along with thyroid meds, my body started rebuilding. Weight was coming back on (which was a battle to me) Sad but true. Finally got my period after 3.5 years, hair growing, more energy, and my brain was laser focused again. However, being stubborn and not wanting to be on any medication, I decided to lower my dose. I only felt a little more tired, but the weight gain was bothering me. Which was the weight I needed to gain back, but i didn’t see that at the time. Clearly my mind was very sick too.

I went in for my regular check up and my blood results were not good. The doctor told me if I kept this up and didn’t change my lifestyle and slow down (even less working out, because that is stress too) I would end up with a pituitary tumor or even worse…shut down my body completely.
I battled this 6 months sadly enough until It hit me. I had to slow down, relax and create a different lifestyle in order to embrace my autoimmune disease. And that I did and I still continue to keep myself in check.

Since then, 4.5 years later, I mostly have my Addison’s under control. When I don’t and I get myself too stressed out my body will let me know and I must listen. I give myself me time each week. If something doesn’t get done that does not have a demanding deadline, I know I can let it go and finish the next day.

Our bodies really do talk to us if we listen and not ignore the signs. I am so thankful, even after ignoring the signs I am in Great health and Addison’s will be my lifelong reminder to slow down and ENJOY life!!!!!

Growing Bella Diva Fitness has a lot to do with my own personal struggles and health. If I can help other women live a healthy and more important happy lifestyle while loving themselves during the journey and struggle and not after, wow just wow, that’s where the magic happens.
You either Accept it as it is or as it is not…….”you got this”

I hear so many women with Addison’s feel depressed or down, hopeless, tired, overweight, ect. If I can do it so can they!!!!!! I hope to help and spread the word as much as I can.

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