BOSU Oblique Training

Happy Workout Wednesday Fit Divas.  The number one area that gets the most requests to change to  make tighter and smaller is the mid-section.  Yep!  Still the #1 area with most demand. As most of you know by now, you cannot “spot train” a particular body part to become smaller or carry less fat in that area.  It needs an equation of extra calorie burn (cardio and weights) plus and more importantly a healthy clean food regimen that stays within the amount of calories your body needs to reduce fat or maintain.
Working the core has soooooooo many other benefits other than making it sexier, smaller and tighter.  Most back pain and poor posture are from weak cores.  That is another big topic we can discuss later.  Lets go over these 4 new fun BOSU oblique exercises you can add or do anywhere!
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Core Exercise 1

Hip Dips on Bosu
Low plank position on bosu.  Keep shoulders over elbows at all times.  Drop right hip bone toward floor.  You will feel a good stretch in your right oblique. Return back up to low plank position and repeat on Left side.  Be sure to keep your low core tucked under tight and you will have to keep walking your feet back up to the start position as your keep dipping.   10-15 reps each side.

Core Exercise 2

Bosu Crunch With Twist
Sit half way between the top and bottom of the Bosu.  Pick up your butt and tuck under your core so your low back is pressing into the ball.  Lean back until mid back touches (not any further) crunch up and slightly twist to the right and hold for 1-2 seconds.  Do not let your hips move around…it will not allow you to isolate your deep inner core muscles and will also cause strain to the low back   Repeat on Left side.  Alternate for 10-15 reps.

Core Exercise 3

Russian Twist
Sit just lower than the top of the ball and tuck under your core so your low back is on ball.  Keeping that tucked and tight, lean back, keep your legs together and at a slight bend.  Hold a 5-10 lbs weight at belly button level with arms almost extended.  Rotate side to side trying to touch weight to bosu.  If your back is weak..start with NO weight
10-15 each side

Core Exercise 4

IMG_4774IMG_4775 (1)
Side lying oblique crunch
Place right hip halfway between top of bosu and bottom. Scissor your top leg back and lock out legs.  It helps to push the top foot into something to help stabilize you.  Place hands behind head into crunch position and be sure the body is lined up in a straight line.  Start to bring your top elbow to the ceiling until you feel the oblique engage.  Hold 1-2 sec and lower all that way down.  Repeat on other side.  10-15 reps each

Muffin Top Madness

Have some fun with these core moves.  Make them into a circuit or add them into your workout routines as you would like.  Just be sure to FOCUS on form, go slow and controlled and visualize what your working.  It really does help!!
For any modifications or more ideas….ASK Anytime!!!!
Keep that Beautiful Fit Diva bod guessing, have fun and try to sweat everyday!!!!!!!
Ciao Bella Divas

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