Crazy Cardio November #1

Who has hours to dedicate to time sweating in or out of the gym? Ummmm, Not this Diva or any other on the go person trying to balance: work, health, family and trying to look sexy of course.   Working out should fit into your lifestyle.  It is a scientific fact and proven by many fitness experts that working out out at a quicker, faster yet safe pace is much more effect than those long sessions of lifting a weight or 2 then a boring 30 min on the elliptical.  WE want to have fun, sweat and be done in 30-40 min….AND burn Fat!!!!

Start adding in high intensity bursts like the ones in these videos!  If you need to make change…email me and I will create some new fun crazy workouts for you!!!!

Not only does this work your body but it truly de-stresses your mind!   So we have a WIN WIN!!!     For weekly videos FOLLOW  on Youtube: bella diva fitness

IF video doesn’t come out clear….visit Youtube and FOLLOW:  Belladivafitness

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