Hello Bella Diva

How is your hot and sweaty summer going?  Getting in your regular sweat sessions other than just being outside?

July has disappeared for this bella diva. Between my much needed boob surgery to fix my encapsulated implant, which by the way I am back to regular workouts expect pushups and pull-ups  AND the new girls look and feel amazing, and being away with my family on an unforgettable 2 week Baltic cruise, summer is flying.  Now, to get back to business in August.  Hey, you gotta have playtime in order to make work time more productive.  As I am finally discovering this concept at the ago of 40. 

Family Summer Vacation Baltic Cruise 7/2019 in our Lululemon


It is time to INSPIRE!!!  Speaking of sweating, I want to share a motivational moment of my life with you.  This blog isn’t about inspiring you to try a new diva-licoius recipe or snack or workout. I want to share a moment when I felt like a fitness superstar, and because of that moment in time, I will always feel like a star.  So, NEVER EVER give up on a dream or goal.  

Have a vision. Create a game plan.  Execute that plan and see where it can take you!

2 years ago this month (July 2017), I was asked to be a Lululemon ambassador here in Naples Florida where I live. Literally one of my fitness dreams come TRUE!

Lululemon photoshoot for this Bella Diva!




 If you are not familiar with the Lululemon clothing line…well, what the heck is wrong with you?!!!??  JK!  haha!  Lululemon used to be called Lululemon Athletica when the company first came about in 1998.  Lululemon is a fitness clothing line for both women and men. Designed for: yoga, running, training, swimming….mostly anything.  Each piece has a special name and a lot pieces are super unique and are only made once.  Each design takes months for the artist/designer to create.  There are also many signature pieces that will always be in stock but change color and or design for the season.  Ever other week you can go into a lululemon store and always find a new piece added. Or, if you love something but your size is not is stock, they will research, find it and have it shipped to you ASAP.  One of the most amazing aspects about this bad ass clothing line, is they are all about Inspiration and Community.  

“What lululemon looks like in the real world: Together we inspire each other to harness our passions and elevate our community, every single day”

bella diva booty group class with lululemon team.

#the sweat Life

Dream Big

As a professional and business owner in the health & fitness industry, my daily attire is workout clothing. When looking for workout gear, it must be super cute, professional, functional and of course comfy.  I think of my daily work attire as if it were my designer dress and stilettos. Meaning, I want to represent and look as nice as I can for being in workout attire.  I used to always wear Nike before I discovered lululemon about 10 years ago. Matching top to bottom along with shoes can get very expensive.  So, I only had a few signature pieces when I first found out about Lululemon.  I then started seeing more and more of my clients wear lulu and thought, gosh, I wish I could have this type of wardrobe. Now mind you..I was around 29/30, a single woman living in Naples Fl.  I could not afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month on workout clothing.  I mean I could have…but I enjoyed the balance in my life.  


Raven & I in the studio seeing clients

Around 2014 I started getting into Crossfit and Yoga for my go to fitness.  I started training more clients that were into yoga on the days they didn’t train with me, so it inspired me to go with them and try power yoga as well.  During this time, a good friend of mine just pursued his dream and opened up a yoga studio.  So, I started to take yoga classes at his studio.  One day during class he said I am going to have a live photo shoot during class so please just practice like normal and ignore the cameras.  OKAY!  (by the way..I love photoshoots since I have had many myself and thought..cool..maybe I will get in a picture!  haha)  

Come to find out, that photoshoot during class was for Lululemon, because my friend who opened up his yoga studio became an ambassador for the company.  COOL!  I really wasn’t too sure what that meant or involved, but it was connected to Lululemon and I was stoked!

About a month later, I went to Lululemon to look for a some new leggings & a sports bra.  As I was browsing around the store,  I looked up and saw large pictures of my friend who was asked to be the next ambassador on the walls in different yoga poses.  It was that photoshoot class that I was taking.  I thought..oh cool this is my good friend on the walls of lululemon, I wonder who else thought the same?

As I walked over to the last image, I saw my friend adjusting a women in pigeon pose. (no faces were shown) Lululemon likes to have candid live shots in their stores, so it isn’t too often you will see an ambassador or anyone else in the photo looking directly at the camera.  I noticed the sunflower tattoo on the women’s back and said out loud…THATS MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

I made it on the wall!!!!!!!!  No one knows that is me….but damn I felt cool!  hahahahaha.  

Right then and there I said “Someday I WILL be an ambassador for lululemon too”

Fit Diva On a Mission

I started getting all the information on how people became an ambassador and what it involved to get recognized in the community.  So, I did just that.  I started getting myself and my business, Bella Diva Fitness, joining community fitness events, races, volunteering, and getting to know the lululemon team at waterside shoppes.  They recognized me as not just a personal trainer for women, but as a lifestyle coach who teaches the whole fit lifestyle package.  Fitness, personal training, mind set, food ideas, recipes, cooking classes and saw that I develop a support system between all of my ladies.  (The best part!) 

A year later, I started asking if they wanted to do their “Sunday sweat” with me once a month.  The team would do different workouts together around Naples to get to know more people in the fitness community and sweat as  team.  

One of many things I love about Lululemon, other than the clothes themselves, is the whole vibe and meaning behind this amazing company.  They are all about support and teamwork.

After a few Sunday sweaty workouts, multiple Diva-licious treats baked for the team and many months of getting out in the community more often, I was hoping that one day…I could represent Lululemon

Sweaty Sunday workout with the team!


Never Give Up

I will NEVER forget the big question.  Okay okay….I guess, I have had 2 Huge questions in the past 2 years!!!  This one was the biggest in my career.

After teaching a Saturday morning bootcamp class, I was surprised for the first time in my life.  It was a regular Saturday class that some of the lululemon team members joined in, so I didn’t think anything of it.  After class, my good friend was in a hurry, which wasn’t like her…she loves to socialize. Haha. Turned out she ran outside to gather my clients and other friends to witness this unforgettable moment.  As I was cleaning up and ready to get my own sweat on, the manager of Lululemon said we need to ask you something.  Before I knew it, each team member opened up a yellow card and each card spelled out:


Whatttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!   YES!!!!!!!!!!

I  was beyond thrilled…like it didn’t seem real thrilled. 

I was given the most amazing welcoming gift.  A black cooking apron with DIVA-LICIOUS and Lululemon Ambassador screened with glitter purple vinyl.  WOW!

Hosting one of my Diva-licious cooking classes.

Follow your Dreams

Even though my official 2 year contract as an ambassador just ended, I will always be apart of this community driven team.  In fact, I was just in Berlin as one the destinations on our Baltic cruise.  As we were about leave…I looked up and say a HUGE Lululemon sign.   No WAY!!!!!   I freak out and immediately had to go check it out. My husband just laughs at me, because he knows how much I truly LOVE this company. 

Lululemon in Berlin!

I introduced myself to one of the team members, Tim, and we just started chatting away.  Like I said, I love this company for all the support they give me and others but I LOVE how it brings new people and community together.

Lululemon Around the World

Not only do I just workout in this clothing line, but it is ALWAYS my travel gear, lounge gear, shopping gear and even date night gear.  The dresses are sexy and comfy!

Date night in Paris in my Lululemon dress!

Thank you Lululemon for EVERYTHING!

Check out some of the places around the world where I have been having some fun in my Lululemon gear!

Thanksgiving 2017 NYC

Aspen Colorado Summer 2017

November 2018 Nappa Valley California

Summer 2017 Alaska Family Vacation

Summer 2018 Barcelona, Spain

Summer 2018 Sorrento, Italy

Bora Bora (hoenymoon) 6/2019

Spring Break 2019 Dubai at the Atlantic gym


Live Laugh Love

If there is a dream or vision or goal that you cannot stop thinking about, then GO after it.  Always remember the timing needs to be right.  So if it doesn’t happen on “your” time frame…be patient! I need to keep reminding myself that weekly!

Happy Sweating Bella Diva!!!


Laura D Wu

Bella Diva

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