Happy 2019

I am still wrapping my head around the fact that it is January!!! Time definitely seems to be disappearing at a faster rate!  They say as you get older it only goes quicker. Well crap, I am only almost 40…(can’t believe it) and it already FLIES by.

Hope everyone had a relaxing last part of 2018.  That is something that we all must learn to do a little bit more of.  Like really relax. Not lie down and browse social media!!! Like, let your mind truly chill. I know I have gotten better  (work in progress), which I truly feel both on a business level and personal.  Remember, relaxing for a moment on a regular isn’t stopping, it is resetting to take on the bigger tasks and goals you want to achieve.


You Got This

Lets talk about an important topic..

New Year, New You, New…..Blah, blah, blah.  It is still YOU and the same desire to live the healthiest, happiest & of course amazing life possible.  I do agree we all have a fresh mindset to clean up the slate and make new goals when a new year happens but keep in mind why you want to live fit and happy in the first place.

This new year focus on.. WHAT in your current fitness routine or for most of us…food routine where you feel like you can improve or add or subtract.  Not necessarily change.

We all want the BIG goal to happen immediately. That is with anything in life. However, we MUST make the small goals happen first. As I am typing this up, I am laughing at myself with love and realizing, I need to focus on the small goals too.  If not, well, we know what happens. Frustration, Stress, Anxiety and then we don’t feel like had a WIN. If you give yourself a little check for each small goals, I am pretty sure we would be happier women along the way.

Back up Plan, No Excuses

This year try to actually write out a weekly game plan for your fitness routine.  Just like any other appointment. You do deserve your sweat sessions. And, yes I know emergencies happen but don’t let this be an all or nothing mindset.

Let this be your first new Goal of 2019.  MAKE A BACKUP PLAN

You can workout anywhere!!!! You can also make a 20 minute workout effective if you couldn’t do your hour.  It’s about changing your mindset and creating the new habit.

5 days a week workout plan

Example Back Up Workout Plan


Weights and cardio at gym  BACKUP: set a timer at home for 20 minutes and create body-weight circuits to your favorite music.

DO the following exercises in a sequence of: 50-40-30-20-10

50 reps of ALL the following moves, then 40 reps of ALL, 30 reps…ect  YEP!

  • walking lunges
  • jumping jacks
  • push ups on knees
  • leg lifts (core)
  • Squats or jump squats
  • Mt Climbers

Favorite Class (spin, HIIT, power yoga)


45 min steady power walk or jog


Weights at the gym  or you can not make it, do your in home workout

Try the Fit Diva Deck workout cards



Personal training session  (just sayin) Soon, Bella Diva Fitness will be on demand so you can download your customized workouts to add-on exercises for those stubborn spots or just extra motivation.
Set them in your calendar with an exact time and Make it happen!!!!!

Need more back up plan ideas?  Ask

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