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Happy Friday Bella Diva

I am usually giving you some sort of food idea or recipe on here, but I decided to extend out this challenge I started yesterday.  I am having a much larger group of ladies join then I expected and I am so excited that there are that many that love a challenge.  I think even more importantly we all LOVE to have accountability, motivation  AND of course there is a prize at the end.


Bella Booty Bridal Challenge


The Challenge

Yesterday’s date was exactly ONE month until the BIG day!  I get to marry the man of my dreams!!!!!  May 25, 2019

I decided to create a fitness challenge that you can do ANYWHERE. It is an add on to your regular workouts!  Each day will be different and as the month goes on it will get more intense.

If you do not understand some of the moves, or maybe all of them..haha!  I will be videoing them each day on my IG story and FB story.  So follow Belladivafitness on IG and FB and also Laura Dalsanto on FB

The Prize

Well, there are a few…

  1. You get to say, YOU finished a Challenge! Pretty Bad Ass.  Be SO proud!!!
  2. A stronger, healthier body and mindset
  3. A chance to get a FREE Bella Diva Fit Deck of Choice!!!

Then you really can workout anywhere and have the workouts created for you!


How to Join

Enter your email at the end of this blog or even better…email me and just let me know your name and say CHALLENGE.

Also, post or send me at least 2 videos that you completed a day.
@bellldivafitness on IG

I will also send you the month of moves so you can have them on your phone.

Good LUCK and Happy Sweating!!!!!!!


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