Hello Fit Diva
So this is it!  The end to another year and chapter in the book of life. A year to be extremely Thankful for.  Yes, even if it was the most unpredictable, toughest most stressful year….be Thankful for each day you get to move your body and breath.  We truly take that for granted way too often.  It’s when terrible times hit or the loss a loved one, we are reminded to take a few steps back and be grateful.  However…we should be so darn Thankful EVERYDAY and not when trajedy hits.
I want to close 2017 by saying 2 things before we start with this new Fire year..thats what I’m naming it..;) 2018


Say it outloud…..ACCEPT!!!  You must Accept where you are NOW in life , to get where you want to go.  Sounds SO simple yet its a constant battle.  I know for myself and clients.  It is one of the hardest thoughts to take action on. In fact, when we do not accept,  that is when the fear and anxiety starts to set in and becomes an endless ugly cycle.  Our mental health is just as important or even more valuable than our physical health.
The hardest things for me to accept is patience and time.  I see many visions and projects that I want to conquer for both business and personal.  When I don’t accept where I am now then I am constantly spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.  I know with my divas, they have a hard time accepting where there body is now and say..”I will be SO much happier when…I loose 10 pounds or fit into that dress or can dance naked in front of a mirror again!  Whatever the goal is…you MUST be happy and Accept where you are NOW to get to the goal!!!  Let this be one of your 2018 tasks.  I know I will!!!!



I hear this word a LOT.  Whether its my little fit divas at 15 yrs of age or my 65-year-old Fit Diva…Most women lack confidence somewhere in life and along the journey.
Confidence is a major component when it comes to Happiness.  Think about it…Confidence is Key and Confidence is Powerful.  When you practice this trait, all areas in your life will magically change.  However, there is a difference between ego and confidence.
Bella Diva Fitness is SO much more than just exercising the body. Fitness is just a small fraction in the equation.  If we lack Confidence then we will never Accept where we are in our health and fitness journey.  Or actually anywhere in life. I listened to an awesome speaker on a podcast and wanted to share a little something about confidence that left imprints in my mind.  We can look up the definition of confidence but that doesn’t ignite the flame we need to carry within ourselves.

Confidence: A lot of people think it’s a personality trait But guess what??  It is NOT! It’s a skill we build through action. Some people think its a state of being..it can be but that’s not where it begins.

Confidence Is: The willingness to TRY.  That is it! Knowing you may succeed or survive, You will still TRY.  Anyone can be confident. Its about taping into those instincts that are true to you and training those instincts to become stronger.  Stop the habit of self-doubt, fear, worry…the “what ifs” in life and create the habit of Self love, gratitude and know you can hold your beautiful head high and smile with confidence.

So just like strengthening our bella fit bodies, we must also strengthen & build a strong sense of CONFIDENCE.  ~Laura D

Final Fit Thought for 2017

I must say..this was the hardest blog post for me to write.  Why? #1 I am not a very good writer….(lack of confidence) see;) but the more I practice getting my thoughts out there the better I will become.  #2 I LOVE to blog and talk about food and recipes and fitness. One of my goals in 2018 is to speak more from the heart to further inspire my clients as well.
Try not to let your bodies and minds derail too much during this busy time and use the excuse…I will just start  Jan 1.  Do yourself a favor and try to move a little each day.  Even if its 15 minutes!!!  You will thank yourself those first few weeks back into your normal routine.  Think of your 3 S words as your daily motto


If you can get in at least one a day….& ACCEPT this is and will always be a busy time of year….your CONFIDENCE will grow quicker than you think!!!!!
All my best in 2018 Bella Fit Diva

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