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Times are changing and will continue to change in the fitness industry as we navigate through this pandemic. Bella Diva Fitness small group training sessions will now be offered online.

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Your Virtual Fitness Journey

We have been working hard to program and conduct the virtual classes as if we were all together in one room. One day that will happen again, but in the meantime come sweat and smile with us.

Now is the time to really try something new, especially if you have been nervous to join a new class, which can be intimidating. That feeling of, what if I can’t keep up or what if I can’t do the exercise?

Well, now you can in your home & all exercises will show modifications if needed. Or, maybe you have been wanting to try something new, but did not want to disappoint the studio where you belong now? Now, you can mix it up!

About the Program

We have developed a very extensive 3 day strength and cardio program here online for you. Now you can sweat safely in home and still be surrounded by other strong women for motivation and fun of course.

Each workout day is designed to target different body parts and will never be the same twice. Just like we do personal training with our other ladies. 

Become a Member & Save

*If you are a member, you will have access to any class if you missed it on that particular day.

Each class will be 45 minutes long.

1 month unlimited $59.99 ($5 per class)

Drop in: $12 per class

Summer Special

Lock in 2 months you will get member perks.

Invite a friend 1x per month, 1x a month you will receive a one on one private accountability coaching session 25minutes. Discuss other workouts, where you are getting stuck?, food coaching & meal ideas.

Also a FREE full body bella diva fit deck for days you want to workout with a friend or out in the park.

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Virtual Testimonials

I was skeptical when I had to switch from gym time to virtual with Laura. That quickly changed! Her workouts are every bit as intense, and through her motivation, I have been able to keep weight off, build muscle, and still keep my sanity!! Plus, any questions I have regarding food and diet, she always gives suggestions and guidance. Couldn’t do it without her!

Rebecca S

One day we were working out in the gym, the next day we were virtual! Even with all of the craziness going on, Laura managed to rise to the occasion and quickly set things up so that we never missed a beat (or a burpee!) ! I quickly discovered that even though we were not physically side by side, she still had no problem delivering an intense and challenging workout. Leave it to our queen Diva!

– Anne D

I’ve been personal training with Laura for almost a year now. Over this time she has motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle. In March we transitioned to virtual training and it has been even better then before. Laura has and gives off energy and motivation as if I was still right in front of her. Every workout is individualized to fit my needs and goals. She is always coming up with new creative ways to keep things fresh. Being able to workout virtually with Laura has helped me stay on track to meet my fitness goals and also be able to be home with my daughter. As a single parent this is amazing. No child care costs and driving to the gym. Also, it has encouraged my daughter to workout as well. Personally, I have found our virtual workouts to be even better. She has taught me techniques I can use on the days I don’t see her without having to go to a gym. Thank you Laura!

– Kristin C

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