I met Laura over a year ago and felt that we had a great connection . She is not only a trainer, but an amazing person with a great heart and a very special friend. I have to say that she has changed my life in so many ways and that I am thankful for her friendship. Her energy and passion for fitness, nutrition and in helping others allowed me to see and learn the importance of dedicating the time and commitment to change my lifestyle. Including doing the things that makes me feel good and love myself first so I can support those who I love.

I was also at a time where I wanted more in my life and because of her faith in me she said that I would figure it out. She said, “You will find what makes you truly excited ” It was her faith in me that allowed me to explore all of my passions that was hidden within me. Everything takes time to build but because of her faith, empowering, motivation and friendship it allowed me to keep fighting and know that anything that I put my mind to, it I will be successful.

Because of my commitment to working out and changing my nutrition I have noticed a difference in how I feel and the changes in my body and have lost 15 lbs. Just like Laura’s impact in my life I believe in empowering other women and supporting others to do what they feel they have a passion for. You only live once and to me I want to be known to have made some history so my daughter can remember. Laura says “Strong Women flock to each other and continue to motivate each other.” Thank you Laura for all you have done for me, and everything you continue to do.



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