I am beyond proud of YOU and All the goals you have achieved & are about to achieve.

I’m so grateful we met last year and I have the opportunity to help guide you along your health and fitness journey through training, nutrition, meal ideas and Diva-licious cooking classes.

I love that you know there are great days and not so great days yet you push through and find the fire on the other side.  That’s the real WIN.

It’s not about perfect and it’s not about a final destination. In this crazy path of life we will continue to discover and grow together.

I have absolutely LOVED how I have had to get creative with your food choices since you chose to live vegan.  I love even more that you have thought about switching back a few times but you kept your strong mind set and stood for what you believe in even if you weren’t seeing body fat change as fast or felt defeated some days.

I truly love you and Cannot wait for you to crush your BIG goal in December.

Purple Power Bella Diva

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