I’m a zumba and a Booty Barre by Tracey Mallet Instructor. I met Laura through lululemon where she is an ambassador and I’m a key leader.

I always like to try new ways to do workouts and a year ago I decided to reach out to Laura because I wanted something new. Last year I became 60 years old, even though I feel 40, and I could see the changes in my body and that I needed changes in the way I workout. It was one of the best decisions I made. I started with one day a week working out with Laura and the rest is history. She is amazing!

Laura is not just a trainer, she is a great person and you can’t help having a connection with her not only when training but in a personal level. She has inspired me to be the best and try new workouts when I though I couldn’t do them. She has pushed me to levels of workouts that I wouldn’t have consider to try and the best part is that she always gave me confident to try them.

Last December and for few months after that I was getting sick all the time with colds. My workout routine suffered and my food intake also suffered. The result I gained few pounds and then I could not get rid of them.Laura was a key person to help me in the process to go back to myself. She is also a sport nutritionist and educated me about foods that I may or not wanted to include in my diet.

Did I mentioned that I went from one day training to two days training with Laura. I look forward to my workouts with her every week. One thing that it’s special about Laura is that she listens to you. The classes I do are with a small group of people and she will customized the workout to suit my body. By the way we also have fun!! Beside my trainer we has become friends, and most of her clients make that connection with Laura.

What a journey it has been and I can’t wait what is to come. My body has changed and keep changing to the best it has been. I’m just waiting because I know she will challenge me and push me to new things and I’m looking forward to it.


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