Hi Laura,

I just want to say thank you for the transformation you have helped me make. It’s amazing how life happens and things like divorce can take a girl to dark places. I am amazed at how I looked when I first came to you. I mean if you look at the photo after my daughter was born, I looked pretty darn good but somehow I lost myself and then I looked like photos 2 & 3 when arriving to you. You helped transform me over a 3 month period where I was really looking great, and on my way back to my old self, but then I lost my mom suddenly to the flu and my world truly fell apart. I spent 8 months eating and grieving.

Diva of the Month Jena

When I saw the pictures of myself on the news (attached- at my heaviest/ scary!!!) I knew I had to do something and fast!!!

Thank you, Laura, for helping me once again transform back to my old self but this time fully arrive there and remain there. This has given me the confidence to face working again and to fully live again. I’m so happy, feel whole, wise and blessed! Thank you for being part of this journey for me! Xoxo ❤️you!!

Diva of the Month Jena

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