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Summer Sizzle Challenge

Hi Bella Diva Who is ready for this hot month of August to END??? Who fell off their regular workout routine and needs some extra motivation? Who wants to win a Bella Diva Fit Deck so you have endless workouts anywhere? If YES.....Check out this jump start challenge!...

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Maria’s Success Story

I’m a zumba and a Booty Barre by Tracey Mallet Instructor. I met Laura through lululemon where she is an ambassador and I’m a key leader. I always like to try new ways to do workouts and a year ago I decided to reach out to Laura because I wanted something new. Last...

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Lululemon Love

Hello Bella Diva How is your hot and sweaty summer going?  Getting in your regular sweat sessions other than just being outside? July has disappeared for this bella diva. Between my much needed boob surgery to fix my encapsulated implant, which by the way I am back to...

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